<<<<<  BEFORE I FORGET for the upteenth time! >>>>>>>> I'm very, very bad with promoting things, because I'm just not the type of person to want to draw attention to myself, yet, I MUST to get anywhere!  That being said, check out the Shivae Studios Patreon page!  (There is also now a separate Shivae! page if you only read Shivae!) My goal is a cumulative $1,000 a month via Patreon, which makes things good for us.  It's all we need to keep on top of medical bills AND put back a little into the House Downpayment Fund.  We are HALFWAY to my goal thanks to tax refund.  I'm over apartment living, especially on the second floor, during tornado season.  It's also been a huge obstacle to me doing books and other products, although I am moving forward in that area as well. Right now, there isn't any additional content, because I'm working on backlog work, then I need to concentrate on book work, so this is for what I do now, with the perk being earlier views of the comic pages for now! - Tiff

3 thoughts on “2014-04-13

  1. Dior moves fast. .. And so do they, to have made it out alive.

  2. I wonder if we’ll see Dior capturing Taun before Vas is over…. This page makes me think we will!

  3. Dior is such a scary villain. I can’t wait until we get to know the new chicks better and see how Riva interacts with them!

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