Zaya Chapter 2 Page 5

10 thoughts on “Zaya Chapter 2 Page 5

  1. Aww road trip with mom and dad~

  2. Testing, one, two, three!

  3. testing the comment system.

  4. Testing comments….

  5. Sigh. It’s been a year and I still come by and check to see if Shivae is updating again.

    1. I’m sorry. 🙁 I’m trying to keep my Patreon readers happy and I’m falling behind in that minimum. I’m just exhausted all the time and recovery has been incredibly slow.

      1. Hugs.. Take care of yourself girl, It doesn’t do anyone any good if you’re burned out and unable to do arts. 🙂

      2. Sorry to hear that.

      3. Don’t!
        Overload and burnout is pure poison. Don’t take that road. Don’t try to force yourself if you’re exhausted.
        Take all the time you need. We will be here. Take one step (or comic) at a time as fast or as slow as you’re feeling good with. Sure, it feels bad if it seems you’ll not accomplish anything but don’t break yourself just to please some stranger at the internet seeking for a good webcomic.

        1. I’m not burned out. 🙂 I just got Covid and it caused me a ton of problems. I’m very slowly recovering and still have to work if I want to eat. 🙂

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