6 thoughts on “2014-04-20

  1. He seems a bit nervous.

  2. Yayayay! More scenes with my favorite of the sisters, and now I know her name is Laci!

    Question: is it just me, or do Riva and Triv look fluffier than the girls? Especially around the neck area. Is this because they come from different regions?

    1. Yes, they’ve endured a colder winter. Triv and Riva are also in much better health.

  3. I think they look different because of the food issue. They were starving while Riva and Triv seemed to be eating well. With cats at the very least if they’re healthy their coats are shy and fluffy while if they aren’t the most healthy of cats their coats seem to thin and have less shy. This might be the case here.

  4. AWWW Riva has a little girlfriend! <3

  5. Saturday night, whoo! *camps out on the page* *opens up bag of marshmallows*

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