4 thoughts on “2014-04-06

  1. I know it’s anatomically correct, but that doesn’t change the fact Triv looks cross eyed. -snicker-

  2. I wish I knew how you use Manga Studio so beautifully. I’ve had the prgram for years and still feel like I can hardly muddle through using it. ><

    1. I upgraded to Manga Studio EX 5. It’s awesome and honestly more intuitive than Photoshop, plus, cheaper. 😀 I do all my coloring in it now and it’s soooo much nicer for this style.

  3. Eee oh man! I thought that last Sunday’s update was going to be the last for this scene, and this week we would go back to Vas and Taun! But instead we get to stick with Triv and Riva, yay!

    Hmm judging by those eyelashes, all of Eluri’s chicks are female. Maybe Riva will get a crush! X3 But right now he looks quite alarmed by them in the last panel heh heh.

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