09/25/2008 (10 Comments)

10 thoughts on “09/25/2008 (10 Comments)

  1. Are those chunks of flesh cut from Caiden’s arm?

  2. No, just used surgical materials (sponges, I believe they’re called).

  3. on closer inspection i think they’re actually bloodied towels/ gause ( see the gause/ towel roll? and yes i don’t know how to spell that overly awkward word

  4. It must have been pretty serious if that much blood got on the medical wipes.

  5. Caiden had his arm ripped off – I’d call that pretty serious.

  6. (Quotes Black Knight)Its just a flesh wound!!!!
    Plus even a minor wound can bleed a lot more then one would think. And arm not connected to shoulder yeah I’d agree that its pretty serious.

  7. And i though that doctor dissected Caiden…..xD
    Chucks of meat…..heh, silly and sadistic mind of mine…

  8. This kind of sight is common in the veterinary world (abiet less than the way it’s SUPPOSED to be but alas this is a comic not the real world). And yes, those would be gauze sponges.

  9. I wonder if losing the arm affects Caiden’s ability to “go cold”, since I seem to remember that ability has something to do with some stuff gathering in their bones or something.

  10. @Hanna, you are right: the bones of shivae contain a rare metal just as human bones contain calcium, and this metal is apparently what allows them to “run cold”. However, it is unlikely, as I understand it, that the removal of Caiden’s arm would upset the metal-to-shivae ratio enough to prevent “going cold”.

    On the other hand, I could be way off about this, since this is mostly guesswork.

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