09/23/2008 (5 Comments)

5 thoughts on “09/23/2008 (5 Comments)

  1. Makes me wonder what kind of contact the newcomers have with the diggers. And if the diggers can be the key to salvation from their encroaching borders.

  2. I doubt the newcomers know of diggers. And now I wonder what, if any, hostility there is between the griffs and diggers – or whatever the diggers meant when they spoke of griffs “taking advantage of the situation” earlier. Has Mura actually sneaked inside their underground place to steal stuff? Lol. 😀

  3. I’m well enough to colour Vas now! Which e-mail address should I write to you? Yoiu changed it again. ;)P

  4. Email’s the same it has been. 😀

  5. Eeee! Today I got a lovely surprise in the mail–three Shivae bookmarks in my ole’ SASE! ^_^ Thank you so much Tiff, they are CUTE! I especially love the Alien Dice one with the adorable little ‘uns bothering Stealth. XD Thanks again!

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