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13 thoughts on “10/15/2008 (13 Comments)

  1. Looks like they may have some sort of religion where shivae are important.

  2. Maybe…but i feel that they are naturalist who studies the environment., similar to what naturalist do right now in the world. Study the nature of animals and marking them for future references/studies.

    Then again, naturalist dont interfere with nature….If some animal is dying, they would not try and save it. (unless human harmed the animals in someway)

  3. Yay! Update! She looks so pretty in this page. 🙂
    (The shivae main character comics are my favorites! Can’t wait til Vas is up and going again!)

  4. Perhaps it is a sign of good faith, in hopes that if they come in contact with that same shivae again, that the shivae will remember them and not attack, or of course they know that now there is weakend one and hunting is going to be hard and want to ensure that the shivae have something to eat while healing.

  5. And that the priests are the best people for the job ^ (i hit submit to soon, i hadnt finished my comment, sorry)

  6. Oh, I think they made an exception in this case as he saved the queen’s daughter. Actually, I think they are somewhat respectful of the shivae—except they do (on occasion) capture and domesticate chicks.

  7. Interesting. Wonder if Koel will show some kind of gratitude too them aswell. Happy to see update btw, thanks Syke! I love Shivae.

  8. I feel really sorry for Caiden, but I’m happy that Koel understood the diggers just wanting to help him. As for “marking him”, I wonder if it’s a tracking device of some sort?

  9. Of all your comics, Tiff, I think “Shivae! Cler” wins the award for Most Improved Art. I certainly hope your art continues to improve.

  10. The Shivae sound a lot like Native Americans!

  11. I love the new improved style of Caiden and Koel. Tiffany sure fixed them a lot (to me).

  12. YEAHHH! An update, I was hoping for one before I left.

  13. This has to be my favorite storyline of all those that i read. I can’t wait to see more. 🙂

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