Chapter 12

5 thoughts on “Chapter 12

  1. Oooh, beautiful critters! I’m guessing these are the Elders?

  2. Whoa!!!! The detail in this cover art is amazing! I love how the creatures look so old. I also love how they all have a bit of a reptilian feel to them, even though they’re not entirely reptiles.

  3. Is Shivae on hiatus? Looking forward to more when it comes back! 🙂 Maybe I’ll take this time to catch up on Alien Dice and Cyantia; I’ve fallen behind on those.

  4. Hrm, no it appears that the problems with the site caused me problems in getting the updates.. up.

  5. Oh yay! I was sad when we didn’t get an update last week, but now we get TWO pages in one weekend! 😀 Whoot!

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