CaidenKoel Chapter 02 03

11 thoughts on “CaidenKoel Chapter 02 03

  1. EEK! 0_0 Well it’s going to be hard to take care of your injured mate when you’re badly injured yourself, Koel!

    1. Actually the blood is the rooter’s.

      1. Oh good! 🙂

  2. Kickin’ it into overdrive. Literally.

  3. Koel looks almost tharn, her eyes are so big right now.

  4. Those wicked back claws aren’t for nothing.

  5. dillydolly@yahoo.com

    Well, it looks like she’s solved her hunting problem. There should be plenty of fresh meat to take home now.

  6. On the bright side, she’s done hunting for the day.

  7. Two Sundays with no updates? Are we on official hiatus again?

    1. I wouldn’t stress it. They’ll come when they come.

      1. Not stressing, just wondering. 🙂 Sunday updates of Shivae are the highlight of my week, so I just wanted to know if I should continue to sit here and hit refresh every couple hours lol.

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