CaidenKoel 04 08

9 thoughts on “CaidenKoel 04 08

  1. Are those serpents venomous to shivae? Or is it just going to be a lot of pain for our current antagonist? Either way, I doubt he can keep quiet enough for it not to alert Caiden.

    1. I believe so, given how terrified Caiden was of the other snake and how these snakes look venomous. It will be ironic if Peacock boy ends up disabled from this.

  2. This is Karma Snake, biting you in the leg…
    Karma Snake TOTALLY needs to be a meme now!

    1. I love the words Karma Snake. 😀

  3. Omg yay an update! Happy first of October to everyone! 😀

    Haha, karma snakes must travel in packs, we have one defending Caiden from Peacock-boy and one defending the puffer from Caiden. XD

    It’s the ciiiircle of liiiiife~

  4. Sneaky serpent. Also funny how his colors are the reverse of the coral snake rhyme.
    “Red near black, friend of Jack. Red near yellow, bite a fellow”

    1. You know, as I was designing his markings, I wondered if any readers were going to point out that they are biologically inaccurate. I swapped the order for aesthetics and figured that alien lifeforms don’t need to follow Earth’s rules. 😀

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