WHY Should You Register?

Registration does several things and I recommend you register here, since I visit this site on a daily basis and rarely hit the forums.  This site is also SEEN by more people.  So .. on to the reasons:

If you register, you can POST and not rely on me to post things like stories and artwork.

The first registration is just as a subscriber, you can’t post.  If you want to be able to post stories, you will start out as a Contributor and I will moderate your posts until you’re made an author, where you can publish your own posts.

My only requirements are that you keep it within the realm of Shivae, tag things with names and perhaps timeline notation.  No foul language, be courteous (and I do not want to see people offering severe critiques when they aren’t asked for.)

Post here if you want Contributor levels or you can just email me the stories and pictures you’d like posted along with your name and webpage if you have one.

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