Resin Figures (4 Comments)

Soo.. if I were to DO a little 6″ or 8″ resin statue, who would you like to see it done of?

I ask, because I assumed that Artsangel’s Jonas Statue was a Gensen figure and then discovered that <a href=””>Patch Together</a> is now doing ON DEMAND items.  I had seen the site before, when it was new and didn’t have a lot there. 😀  Obviously, fully painted resin figures are not cheap.  You can get an idea of the prices currently on their On Demand section and then let me know if you’re interested.

4 thoughts on “Resin Figures (4 Comments)

  1. Ooooh, I’d purchase cute leetle shivaes!
    Wing’d preferred, probably Vas if I were to get only one.

    Or maybe that shivae chick who climbed the rainbow, he was cute. Ooh! Have him tumbling down the rainbow with another chick under a bush at the bottom! XD

  2. Just me? Pooh, I really wanted one.

  3. I want a little shivae one too! I’d buy one.

  4. … Way tardy here. I wonder if you’ll ever even get this comment? But I’d be all for a little Vas figure, or maybe a Caiden one?

    Or else the little winged scythetail chick whose name eludes me because I haven’t reread Cler’s story in a while and I suck a little bit. 😐

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