Shivae! Status

Updates WILL occur this week.  I promise that I did not decide to withhold updates or anything, I just ran out of time.  I have five pages of Shivae! sitting on my hard drive, lettered and flatted out, awaiting shading and backgrounds.  One of them is halfway completed.  I have another page already penciled, awaiting inking and need to print out the scripts.

By the way, Cler’s storyline has kind of diverged into Koel and Caiden’s storyline and I just can’t have that.  I will likely end up splitting them so I can finish off Cler’s story and work on Koel and Caiden and … Zaya and Vas… and then… the ultimate storyline which will take place after those are completed.  I am likely to do the next arcs in black and white, so I can update faster (And in full pages), but the ultimate storyline will be in full color.