“Interesting.” Vas chirred, watching the gray and black unicorn struggle to get to the top of the ravine. It didn’t take her long, but she stumbled near the top and started to slide. The stallion was quick in gripping her neck in his teeth and hauling her the rest of the way out.

“Not even the sense of a just dropped filly!” The stallion snorted, getting the mare over the ledge enough for her to stand. “Get up!” He circled around behind her and nipped her flank to get her moving faster.

The two chicks watched, stealthily moving through the high grass. Riva lifted his head above the grass and peered at the stallion and mare. The stallion was moving with his head up, very aware of exactly where the chicks were. The unicorn on the other hand, was slowly trudging after him, her head held low.

“I think it did work,….” Riva trilled inquisitively. From here, he could smell blood and the fall had obviously weakened the unicorn. It came to him that their father had told them to look for the weak ones. They would prove less of a problem in a hunt.

This herd was strong, but now, there was one who had been made to limp and drag herself. This was fascinating to the chicks. They’d never hunted before, only seen hunts, successful ones that were over in minutes. They hadn’t had time to observe and see how their parents chose their prey or gained the experience to do it themselves.