The gray and black unicorn rolled the last few feet, over larger sharp edged rocks at the base of the ravine, then ended up in a patch of soft grass. She laid on her side gasping for air, sharp pains racking her side with every breath and stinging sensations along her legs where they’d struck rocks. Nothing seemed broken, but she was having a hard time breathing.

The stallion, noticing what happened darted past the mare that had pushed the unicorn over the edge and bit her hard on the flank, getting a pair of agitated heels flying at him in response and a squeal. He snorted at the top of the ravine, arcing his neck to see if the unicorn was still alive.

It was one of the mutes, but this mare was still one of his and he would not lose a mare so easily. “Get up.” He neighed, stamping one foot on the ground. He knew she couldn’t fully understand him, but her own instincts to remain with the herd would be enough, especially if he kept neighing at her.

The unicorn painfully gathered her forelegs in front of her, muscles not wanting to respond and attempted to push herself up. She ended up coughing in pain, a few specks of blood spattering on the grass in front of her. Then with a quick movement, she was on her feet again, shaking, but on her feet.

Vas and Riva were unable to see what was going on and had missed the unicorn going over the ravine. They sighed and slunk around in the grass, watching the herd. “It almost worked,…” Riva stated encouragingly.