“How do puffers chase us off when we annoy them?” Vas twisted his body around and placed his fore claws on the tree trunk. Puffers. Very fun to play with because they were quick fuzzy little creatures that took awhile to stalk successfully or dig out of their burrows.

“They get bigger and make lots of noise,…” Riva flexed his wings, idly lifting a forepaw to scratch just below his short feathery crown. “Hurts my ears. But we can’t do that, Vas.”

“No,.. we can’t,…” Vas jumped and started to scramble up the tree trunk to the higher thinner branches. “At least, not like the puffers, but I have an idea! Come up here!”

“Last time I did that,…” Riva sighed, peering up uncertainly, “I had to sit in mud for a day to get buzzer thorns out of my skin!” That particular plan had gone badly. To get the sweet bark the buzzers made, Vas had suggested they get above the buzzers since buzzers always flew down and drop things on the bark until it fell down.

They quickly learned that buzzers could indeed fly up just as well as down.