“In the light, .. in the light of days,…” Triv raised his head, searching his memory for the tune and words to an old song. It had been a long time and he was uncertain, but he knew it didn’t really matter what he sang. The chicks just wanted to hear his voice. ‘Shivae run,.. and Shivae play. The chicks are safe, the fledges bold,.. so go the stories of old.”

Triv rested his muzzle on his forepaws with a sigh, still humming for the chicks. He could feel them both nestled against his side, probably already asleep. It didn’t take them long to go to sleep when they were full. He raised his eyes to the sky, thoughtfully. ‘You could sing and remember the songs better than me,… I miss you Kride.’ And he closed his eyes, remembering his mate.