Triv rolled over onto his stomach and draped a wing over Vas. The chick shifted to lean more against him and Riva joined them. “You look in their eyes and you can see if a star burns. The newcomers have stars. We will not hunt them. We cannot understand them. They do not understand us. It is best we avoid them.”

“I miss mom.” Vas whispered.

“So do I, but we were foolish. I am sad, but we will not return their acts. It is not our way.” The way of the Shivae, at least for Triv’s clans for generations was if there was a misunderstanding, do what you could to resolve it and not fight, but in this case there was no way to resolve it. At first, Triv had been angry and wanted to go after the ones who had taken his mate and two other chicks. He would have killed them if it were not for the fact that he had two chicks to protect. He could not risk their lives. They no longer had a mother and losing their father would mean certain death.

That would mean five lives lost, instead of three.

“It will be alright,.. someday?”

“It is all right now, Vas.” Triv trilled. “You have a full stomach, you have me and Riva. All is right for us, now sleep and I will sing you there.”