There were no more questions while the three Shivae made their way to where they’d been sleeping for the past couple of nights. It was just a small copse of trees that offered suitable shelter from the wind and kept them concealed from anything stumbling across them.

Triv flexed his golden wings and rolled in the cool soft grass beneath the largest tree, then with a sigh, laid on his side. Vas crept under the low hanging branches and rested his muzzle on his father’s foreleg. “Dad,…”

“Yes, Vas?” Triv knew more questions were coming. He had an inquisitive little son, which Triv saw as a good thing, except that the little chick couldn’t sleep sometimes. He had too many questions.

“Why did the newcomers kill mom, Kie and Ede? We speak.” That had obviously been on Vas’ mind since Triv had made the statement about the animals they did and didn’t kill.

“Vas, they are not like us.” Triv sat up and nuzzled his son. This was a sensitive subject and it hurt him to think about it, so he could imagine how important it was to his littlest.

“What if the Equis who do not speak,… are speaking and we do not understand?!” Vas rattled out the next question.