Hours later, the three Shivae made their way to a stream to wash the blood from their fur and rest. There wasn’t much talking among them. They were all weighed down and feeling lazy after eating their fill.

“Riva, Vas. You did well, even if it did suffer.” Triv laid down in the grass next to the two chicks, lowering his muzzle to get a drink after he had cleaned himself off. Blood drew flies and flies were annoying. “Always take the ones who do not speak. They are easy to pick out, because they are rarely inside the herds.”

“Why don’t they speak?” Vas inquired curiously.

“They are here for us to eat,” Triv replied matter of factly. That was how it was. “We do not kill those who speak.”

“Why?” Vas persisted.

“You ask too many questions on a full stomach, Vas. It is time to sleep.” Triv purred and nuzzled the sunset colored chick.