Vas and Riva stalked the herd, keeping behind them and in the higher grass alongside their chosen path. The smell of blood was exciting, so close, yet so far.

“It’s falling behind!” Vas hissed, noting that the unicorn was out of sight of the rest of the herd. From the way it was moving, he gauged that it probably couldn’t put up much of a fight if they were to block its way. Without a word, Vas inclined his head to the left and darted into the trees. Riva trilled and went to the right.

The unicorn sighed, her legs shaking with effort to remain standing. Her sides hurt too much to breathe and it was becoming more than she could tolerate. She stumbled and stopped walking. This was as far as she could go. There was nothing the mare wanted more than to just sink into the soft grass, lay down and rest.

Then, the two chicks emerged in her path. The unicorn jerked her head up and swung it once from side to side, snorting. Panic. She staggered backwards and lowered her head, her horn out in front in the defensive manner of her kind. The chicks hissed and started to advance, moving sideways with their heads turned to keep their eyes on her. The other way. She had to go the other way.