Vacation caught me, but it’s all better now and there shouldn’t be any more delays for a LONG time!

Ka, the black wyvern, belongs to Leah Colagiacomo with permission and in thanks for her immense help on Shivae! Vas over the years. You can see her works at

Ka isn’t a starwing, btw, those two are the lovely shiny night fliers behind him.  They are shivae, but a type of shivae that doesn’t grow fur unless they are in a really cold climate and living among the hot springs and lava, they’re furless here, year round.  Their wings also lack any feathering, even in the winter, so they tend to migrate to warmer regions before winter.  They aren’t necessarily nocturnal, often hunting in the early morning hours or late evening and spending their daylight hours in other activities.  They sleep the most at night and the hottest part of the day.   Starwings, while curious as any other shivae, are not wanderers.  They keep to their large family prides and mostly to themselves.

There is also further news here.
The last chapter of Vas will be chapter 14 and it will wrap everything up nicely! When it’s done, I will be going on to finishing Caiden and Koel, by redoing the pages I originally did in black and white, in color. When I’m done with that, I will begin a new Shivae! story! I also intend to do some book printing kic kstarters soon.

– Tiff