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In response to the posts:

With how the shivae culture generally works, the father will drive away males that are unfit for his daughters, often quite visciously.  Young males are usually sent out on their own while the females remain with the parents.  Typically, I think I’ve noted this elsewhere as well, a male will court a female by joining her clan with initial approval from the father where they begin bonding.  They will normally stay with the family, hunt with them and help raise a clutch of eggs, which is at what point Caiden and Koel were kind of at, learning to be parents.

There’s a huge problem if the male is crippled in any way and cannot overcome a serious injury or has some other odd behaviour that the father disapproves of.  Mother and father both stand as judge to a young male and a male who does not take the hint to leave can be mauled.  Losing a limb is a severe crippling injury in the eyes of a shivae, since it cuts down on the ability of a male or a female to provide.

Shivae crippled in such ways typically remain with or return to their own families if they can where they are taken care of, but they never get out on their own or start a family.