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Cambius "Camby" Silvian
« on: February 24, 2010, 04:43:25 pm »
Title: Cambius "Camby" Silvian
Post by: Camby on August 12, 2006, 08:40:17 AM

I originally came up with this guy as there would be a need for someone to teach the Cyantians about Earth History, (especialy since Syke announced there would shortly be a "six-month forwarding"). If for no other reason, the comedic aspect of their misconceptions, "You mean George Washington didn't introduce cherry trees to America?" Since no more human characters are being accepted, at least for now, I had to come up with a semi-plausible reason why a Cyantian would get the job.

Camby's background was written when it was stated the Satin & Silk comic took place in 2000, so there are a few minor tweaks from what it was: (

Full Name: (Character's full name.) Cambius "Camby" Silvian

Species: Wolf-type Cyantian

Age: (IC Age) 31

Type: (Students, Faculty, Staff, etc) teacher

Function: (Character's IC Job/position) Terran History & Terran Geography teacher

Quote: "On the Internet, no one knows you're a Cyantian."

How much experience do you have with roleplaying? How much time have you
spent on MUSHs/MUXs/etc.?
several years/total time of less than a year

What is your character's personality? Generally friendly and easygoing, though occasionally a little depressed. Camby is proud of his position as a history teacher, though worries he may not be up to the job.

What things does s/he like? A good (but not dry) history book or CD/shard, watching reenactments, riding motorbikes.

Dislike? People who refuse to use their brains, or other talents.

What are the strong points of your character? patience, a good researcher.

Name one thing your character would never do and why. Besides act with cruelty, it's against Cambius' nature to be quick to anger (unless it's something extremely outrageous), or jump to conclusions.

How does s/he interact with others? He interacts well with others, willing to listen, and more than happy to answer any questions related to his two favotire subjects.

What are their abilities, hobbies, things they're good at? Besides History and Geography, Camby's a fair cook and gardner (he still keeps a small garden in his room). Back on Earth, he loved riding his motorcycle, and is working towards a similar Cyantian vehicle.

MENTION if they carry some sort of weapon. Camby carries with him a pocket knife given to him by a Terran friend. He has a small but growing collection of archaic weapons in his quarters (any old firearms he has are presumably either in Security or back on Cyantia).

Give an example description of your character.
Camby is 6'3" tall, still not having gone through his final growth phase. He has long black hair and a grayish coat. His taste in clothes typically leans to low-key grays and browns.

Why is it essential that your character be here in the Mars Academy? The need for history teachers.

What are their qualifications? His time on Earth.

Traits useful to the future colony? Knows a lot about Terran history & Geography and works well with humans.

Goals in being here? To help in instructing the next generation of Cyantians about Terrans.

What is your characters nature and thoughts on others of his/her species? He takes pride in his peoples' tradition of research and learning.

What is his/her view on other species? Camby's basic ideology is that all obviously intelligent beings are equal.

Humans are the race besides his that he knows the most about. Considering "they've spent the majority of their history living with the threat of famine," he feels they've done well. He feels their biggest problem is the AMIB and other secret organisations which have the potential to not only permanently scar Cyantian/Terran relations, but corrupt their democratic governments and possibly start a war with some other spacefarring race that might not show as much restraint to having it's scouts attacked as the Cyantians.

Of other Cyantian societies, he's cautiously optomistic about the Cyantian Foxes (much like Americans were about the Russians after the Cold War), though may be a little suspicious about Golds, especially those who act brash. He likes the Mounties, considering their people long-time friends of his own. While he's never met a Cyantian Rabbit-type he disliked, he feels their society needs to treat the women better.

Background: Camby was the only child of a merchant, Vargyr Silvian. In his youth, he was into stories and books and read quite a bit. After finding out about their true orgins, humans in particuar interested him. His society's language had been one of theirs. Plus, they were the most similar aliens to Cyantians, but weren't gene-enginered and given technology by others, they apparently evolved and entirely on their own developed a technological civilization.

In Camby's late teens, Vargyr finally invested in a tradeship and Camby accompanied him on some of the trips. Although he liked helping his father, what interested him most was coming in personal contact with some of the civilizations he read about, and was uncertain about whether or not to follow in his father's footsteps as a trader or turn his history hobby into a career. In the late 1980's, Vargyr managed to get a permit to do some limited trading with an Earth contact whom lived in the US area. Camby naturally accompanied him, happy to see Earth first hand. Eventually Camby got an offer for a three week stay with someone the contact knew, John Barrow. Barrow lived in the countryside on the outskirts of a small town, so there was plenty of privacy. And like Camby he had a strong interest in history. It was an opportunity the young Cyantian couldn't pass up, so he went.

The "three weeks" turned into ten years.

The first signs of trouble were when the contact couldn't be reached nor did his other friends know where he was. Vargyr never returned either, so he was stuck where he was. He made the most of things, helping out Barrow maintain the house, watching TV and reading,  Camby witnessing some history himself through the television, and studying a plethoria of Terran history information unavailable on Cyantia.

To keep Camby from feeling too confined, Barrow eventually told a friend with a sizable peice of property close by about him. He finally had plenty of room to hike around in, but what he really loved was when he had a chance to ride a motorcycle around the private roads. Eventually, he got a bike of his own, and his own suit to keep his apperance hidden when on public roads, complete with a "extended faceplate" helmet and a fanny pack to conceal the tail. Concealing his semi-digigrade feet was a problem, and it had to be delt with by boots and bell-bottom pants, the latter which drew a few snickers from his closer friends, "Thank God for retro-fashion trends."

The people in the town slowly came to know about Camby, noticing Barrow was getting too many groceries for one person, etc, so he made up a story about a man with "Werewolf syndrome" staying for a while. This worked for a while, but eventually people began to figure out this wasn't it. By the time they found out what he was, they were satisfied he didn't want trouble and accepted his presence.

Barrow eventually got a computer (Civilization being among the games for it), and not long afterwards an online service. Later on came access to the Internet, and a whole new world was opned up to Camby, both in researching history and other subjects, and interacting with others with no need to worry about what he was, "On the Internet, no one knows you're a Cyantian."

Barrow frequently attended a number of historical reenactments, of which Camby watched the VCR tapes with interest. Eventually, Barrow let him come along (in his motorcycle suit) and after a few trips carefully let some friends know about Camby. Attending was a little easier, and entertaining, after that. His favorite one was a WW2 re-enactment in which he got a chance to actualy participate - as a Sherman tank crewman hidden from view to everyone else. He needed extra-good earplugs for that as firing those things was LOUD.

Wanting to help out Barrow financially, Camby did an article for a history magazine, and ended up doing one reguarly for a few bucks. The magazine never did know they were getting history from an alien's point of view. Someone suggested half-seriously to Camby he pass on a Cyantian story as science fiction. Instead, Camby did a small novel taking place durring World War 2 and one of Cyantia's conflicts around the time. In it, a ragtag group of Americans and Philipinos stumble across a portal, followed shortly by their Japanese pursuers, and both end up with more than they bargined for. Although his friends liked it, no publisher would take it.

Then came a complication when some survivalists moved into the county not far from the town and the Barrow residence. There were rumors of some disaster on the horizon, and they were preparing in their own way. Although a few of the bunch were slightly overly-paranoid, the real danger was the Federals that staked out the town to keep an eye on things, and Camby had to go back to his low profile. It helped him that the townfolk were suspicious of the Federals and said little to them, at least it helped at first. Eventually, the date of the supposed disaster came to pass, and the Survivalists packed up and went their seperate ways. The Feds then left. Unfortunetly, among their surveilence tapes was one about some kids talking about Camby.

Several weeks later, the AMIB made a move on them, but they were warned by the town police and managed to slip away. Then came a surprise, a Cyantian scoutship came by and landed. It had detected the AMIB's precense, looked around to see what they were after, and detected Camby. The AMIB moved to intercept, but by the time they got there, the scoutship was up and away.

As it turned out, his father's ship had been ambushed by pirates and was destroyed. Broadcast recordings suggested there was a human aboard, Vargyr's contact. There was no record Camby would be on Earth, let alone where, and the contact was dead, so the case had been closed.

Camby returned to a Cyantia that had changed even more than Earth had. Alpha Alkalee, the heroic old figure whom had been around for centuries, had died. The Khasi, the Cyantian Foxes, had suffered a devastating Pandemic that brought their Gold coup and their rivalry with the Wolven City-States to an end. Cyantia's own "Cold War" was over, hopefully for good. Contact had been made with previously undiscovered races from the seas. Of his family, the news for Camby was tragic. His Mother and closest aunts and uncles had died in the Centralis War. Those in his family who survived he barely knew.

For a few months, the only real meaning to Camby's life was making reports and discussing about what he witnessed on Earth. Then he heard about job offers for teachers on Mars Academy, and voulenteered. Despite his lack of experience actually teaching classes, he was accepted. Camby invited Barrow to join him, but his old friend stayed on Cyantia. He didn't want to be "so close, and yet so far" to home.

And so, the young teacher went to Mars...
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