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Keijai "KJ Fellie"
« on: February 24, 2010, 03:38:05 pm »
Since this thread went MIA...

Title: Keijai "KJ Fellie"
Post by: KJ Fellie on April 06, 2008, 09:11:54 PM

Full Name: Keijai (nicknamed KJ Fellie, due to feline affinity)

Species: Fox, orange

Age: 19

Type: Civilian, for now. Wants to be a student.

Function: Hired hand. Has had various ordinary jobs. Wants to eventually be a genetic engineer.

Quote: "No, the spots don't wash out."

How much experience do you have with role-playing? How much time have you spent on MUSHs/MUXs/etc.? Almost none. Just getting started.

What is your character's personality? A little bit nuts. He's somewhat clingy, and has issues with loneliness. Very excitable.

What things does s/he like? Art, companionship, and attention. Also good food is usually appreciated.

Dislike? Being alone, being discriminated against. He grows quite melancholy when this happens.

What are the strong points of your character? Incredibly intelligent and clever, very friendly. Also very creative. Fairly athletic, but not exceedingly so.

Weak points? Vulnerable to catnip. Overly affectionate, and a bit clingy. He can get very annoying very quickly. Gets depressed when alone.

Name one thing your character would never do and why. Grow violent. He does not wish to harm the fox reputation or his own in any way. He's more likely to submit to being beaten, and wait for someone to intervene than to strike back.

How does s/he interact with others? Very affectionate, somewhat clingy. Has little respect for personal space, though once one finally pries him off, he usually gets the message. He's been misunderstood on occasion.

What are their abilities, hobbies, things they're good at? Dabbles successfully in various forms of art, and is very quick to understand concepts, especially if it's something he's interested in.

MENTION if they carry some sort of weapon. Are cooties considered a weapon?

Give an example description of your character. KJ Fellie is an orange fox who dyes his fur very intricately in the pattern of a cheetah, though he uses more reds and yellows to give his coat a more fiery look, though his fur fades naturally to black as it approaches his hands and paws. He's fairly tall for a fox at about 5 foot 9, but like other foxes is rather thin. He is nicely muscled, though, which attracts appreciative attention from females at times. The dark fur around his eyes and tear-stripe pattern is one he keeps all year, but he stops dying the rest of his fur during the winter when it turns white. KJ is rather fond of dark slacks and a certain purple paisley shirt, but wears a variety of fairly nice clothes. At times, he wears a gold earring in each ear. His hair, which he normally keeps cut to the same length as his fur and dyed to match it, is maroon in the summer (similar to Khaelis) and a creamy white color in winter, when he grows it out. On occasion, he does grow his hair out for a while, but not often.
A drawing I made (

What qualities or traits does your character have that would be useful to the Mars Academy currently, or in the future when it becomes a colony? This includes skills, and for those that would need to apply, qualifications. Quick to learn, happy to work with others. Very clever and intuitive.

Why does your character want to be at the Academy rather than at another Academy, or some other location? He wants to be a part of a diverse culture, as opposed to giving up and returning to the fox lands.

What goals does your character have for the future? He's had vague ideas about becoming a genetic engineer, and starting a line of spotted foxes, but mainly wants to create useful modifications, such as natural immunity to diseases like the plague that killed his parents like so much of the rest of the fox population.

What is your characters nature and thoughts on others of his/her species? He thinks the caste system is overdoing things, the fighting over power is ridiculous, but the foxes as a people are generally decent.

What is his or her view on other species? Having generally received the cold shoulder from all species because he's a fox, he thinks they need to see that foxes are not all that bad, and thus attempts to be the friendliest fox alive. While this does seem to change their views on foxes a bit, it also makes them cringe when they hear his approaching voice. "Uh, oh. I'm gonna get glomped..."
As a result of living with cheetah for an extended period of time, he's become more artistic and athletic than he would have otherwise, and instead of looking upon them as unusual, he usually thinks of them as familiar, and usually as friends. (He has always been the unusual one, since the plague occurred.)

View on Genoworks et al: He has a bit of a bone to pick with Genoworks because of what happened with the plague and all, and he thinks they could revise their policies, and he's just a little bit bothered by how their products are handled. He is uneasy with the thought of slavery, and thinks the engineering should be used to improve genetic lines, such as building in natural immunity to various diseases and various other improvements. He wants to engineer a line of spotted foxes with several improvements, an immunity to the plague being at the top of his list in case it should somehow return, despite the fact that it was engineered. He decided on the spots because it's both exotic and, in his opinion, attractive. He certainly didn't get any contradictions from the cheetah community.  ;D (Cheetahs have spots, so why would they say spots aren't attractive?) He finds the Genoworks products themselves quite fascinating, and they make him optimistic for what is possible with genetics.

Please answer the following in a couple paragraphs: What is your character's history? Who is or was your characters family? What were the important events of your characters past? What kind of life did they have before they arrived at the academy? Keijai was born to a pair of scientists who encouraged his curiosity and experimentation. When the plague struck, they sent him away to the south, where he stayed with a family of cheetah. Unfortunately, his parents didn't escape the plague, and perished, leaving him to be brought up in the cheetah way, which could at times be frustrating for a fox. He took to dying his fur with spots to fit in better, but found that at times it made him stand out more, which he found that he liked. He did attempt to become a part of the dating scene, but was never really seen as much more than an exotic trophy to show off. (usually by some of the more rebellious females. "I'm seeing a Fox so there!")
Eventually another family was found that was thought to be a better match for him, and he joined up with them. This was not to be true, and he was soon handed off to another family. He spent some time being foisted from one family to another before finally ending up in wolf lands. As a fox, he met with some friction, and this contributed greatly to his effort to change the stereotypical view they held of him. He grew boisterous and exceedingly friendly, in an effort to break that barrier. His constant efforts to charm everyone began to wear on him, as he had to start over with each move, and he began to grow more melancholy as time passed, and would grow very mournful if left alone. Eventually, he decided he wanted to work with genetics at Mars Academy, far away from all the friction he had faced before. He has decided that if he cannot make his way at Mars academy, he will return to the fox lands and work to make a place for himself there.
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Re: Keijai "KJ Fellie"
« Reply #1 on: March 17, 2011, 05:01:17 pm »
Forgot to make changes to this way back in the day, so I figured since I was updating my profile to make it accurate, I'd take the time to make this one accurate as well.

Since his arrival at the academy, KJ has gotten a job at the Fur Real salon, usually dying hair and fur, but has other tasks, reached the age of 20, moved onto his second year in genetics, and frequently dyed his fur and hair a wide variety of colors and patterns. He's taken to letting his hair grow out, and it is currently rather short, and often spiked lightly.
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