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Johnathan Smith (Restricted)
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Passed 9/07

Full Name: Johnathan Smith
Species: Human (Terran)
Age: 34
Type: student
Function: studium generale cyantiorum

?All is done that maybe done, I stand across the main
I?ll bet only money, there?s no way back again
The chances are good as any, I?m glad for what I?ve done
I stand across the water, far away I?m on the run.

Far away the river flows for everyone,
The sun goes down and the waves roll back the tide
Yesterday is done and my time has come
Far away I?m on the run.?

How much experience do you have with role-playing? How much time have you spent on MUSHs/MUXs/etc.?
I play rpg?s since I was 4 or 5, that would be almost 16 years now. In forums and the internet in general since 2004.

What is your character's personality?
He's a bitter, hurt and restless person, but?s trying not to show this too much. He also can be a romantic sometimes.
He?s the kind of ?bad guy with a good core?.

What things does s/he like?
To be alone, to be busy or even better drunk so he doesn't have to think about his past. He likes do be in nature, wandering around, hunting. He also likes romantic pictures, music and literature (this means out of the romanticism, not kitschy ones).

He doesn't like to be sober or surrounded by curious people asking to much questions about his past. Or thinking about his past generally (which happens when he is sober). He dislikes people who show to much sympathy and pity for him - he has enough self-pity for two.

What are the strong points of your character?
He's got a strong will and is a loyal friend. He doesn't leave work unfinished. He keeps a calm head if the worst comes to the worst and others tend to panic.

Weak points?
He is on the brink to become an alcoholic. He is impatient and tends to lose his temper. And he got nightmares. There is no night in which he doesn't wake up at least once sweating and panting.  
[I think i have to explain this a litte better. At this moment he isn?t addicted to alcohol, but close to be. He is always sober when he has a job to do, but at the evenings, when all work is done and he can?t distract himsself anymore, he starts to drink to forget. He doesn?t start a day with a drink, but ends it with one. A better way to put it might be he doesn't like to stay idle, as when he has nothing to do he starts to think about his past, so he's always looking for something to do; when he can't find anything to do, then he turns to the bottle.]

Name one thing your character would never do and why.
He would never judge people by their appearance or rumors he heard, only by the things they do. He was judged by his look or gossip too often. He learned that appearances can be deceiving.

How does s/he interact with others?
Despite his problems, he sees himself as a gentleman. He tries to be friendly. If he losses his temper, it's usually not for long and he regrets it immediately. On the other hand, if he feels dishonored, he can be a terrible enemy. But this doesn't happens often. If he is in a bad mood he can be pretty offensive, too.

What are their abilities, hobbies, things they're good at?
He is a good philosopher and biologist, having studied it. He also learned to navigate a ship due his time in the navy and is a skilled blacksmith.
His hobbies are martial arts, archery and swordfighting, having mastered them in many ways but not perfect. They sharpened his will and reflexes along with his sense of honour. Sometimes he writes stories but is a bad musician and a very bad painter. But he can cook very well, if he wants to. In his youth he was an averaged singer, but hadn?t sung for a long time except for hisself.

MENTION if they carry some sort of weapon.
He usually carries a hunting knife in a sheath at his leg in his boot and a letherman-knife in a sheath at his belt along with a little pocketlight.

Give an example description of your character.
Smith, as he usually introduces himself, is about 1.80m or 5,9 feet tall. His brown hair is short with some grey hairs in it. his face is tanned and wrinkled, many crow feet around his eyes showing the times in nature and the times of sorrow he tries to forget. But there are also visible laughing lines. All in all makes his face look him older than he his. But in his deep brown, almost red amber eyes is still a fire burning. The shape of his face is thin and the muscles of his jaws are clearly visible. He isn't shaved well, because he is to lazy to do it right. He wears small titan glasses or small black sunglasses.
His stature is muscular, but tends to be more tough than strong. He has some scars but non very remarkable, coming from fights, cuts or little injuries. More remarkable are the two tattoos. First, the symbol of Aries in his neck a little above his shoulderblades. The second, the head of a wolf on his left breast, just under his collarbone.
His voice is deep and usually quiet. He can raise his voice if he wants to, but doesn't have to do this often. When he speaks he shows a slightly german accent with a growling undertone.
At his arrival at the spaceport he wears a long, very dark-blue navycoat and a black hat. Under this can a black suit and a white shirt with a black tie be seen. He opened the jacket of the suit and the two highest buttons of the shirt and loosened the tie a little bit. His look is sweaty and dirty because of the heat in the ship he hadn't expected. Now, in the cool of the air-conditioned spaceport he is shivering with cold and excitement and looks a little bit lost.

What qualities or traits does your character have that would be useful to the Mars Academy currently, or in the future when it becomes a colony? This includes skills, and for those that would need to apply, qualifications.
He is a good hunter and would like to work as an perimeter guard (despite he doesn't know this term) or as security. He could work as a scout, soldier, SpecOps, whatever, too. Something he is not forced to sit behind a desk but can be in the nature.
On the other hand, he has a Master of Science in Biology and a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and is permitted to teach them at least on Earth. And he worked some years as a blacksmith and is a skilled journeyman, but never made the exam to call himself master.

Why does your character want to be at the Academy rather than at another Academy, or some other location?
He has no need to be at the academy but he wants to be away from Earth where everything reminds him at his past. He gladly took this chance to do something only a hand full of humans had ever done.

What goals does your character have for the future?
Survive, forget and start a completely new life.

What is your characters nature and thoughts on others of his/her species?
As one of his principles he never deduce the character of someone by his outer appearance. But most male humans make his fists itch and most females give him headaches.

What is his or her view on other species?
Again, he never judges by species etc, so he tries to treat them as he would humans do. But he has to get used to it.

Please answer the following in a couple paragraphs: What is your character's history? Who is or was your characters family? What were the important events of your characters past? What kind of life did they have before they arrived at the academy?
Smith in the south of Germany. As he was two, his parents and he moved to a village where he would live till he was 20. As he was three, his brother Nicolas was born. The life was more or less easy, had ups and downs. He went to school and gymnasium. As he was 12, he started to do martial arts. This was the first sport he really liked, before he tried some others but wasn't very good at them. The time at school was most time boring and he hadn't had many friends. He showed a big interest at philosophy and science, especially biology. Due this time he visited many of the european capitols and other cities, either with his familie or by his school. In his last year at school, he was 18 at this time, he started to do archery and swordfighting, but had to take a break of this after he had finished school. This was because he had to go to the navy as part of his conscription. Smith spent 14 months on the seas and became an able navigator. In this time he got his two tattoos, the Aries (his zodiacal sign) and the wolf. As he was released from the navy and became a reservist, he did a one-year-practicum at eastern Germany, where he helped to study the immigrated wolves.
He had planned to study now, but this year had showed him that some academic job wasn?t right for him. So he did something he wanted since he was young and was always drawn to fire and iron - he became a blacksmith. This needed 3 years and he finished as a journeyman. Unfortunately he wasn't able to get a job. He had still some servings and decided to do a working journey through Ireland, which he liked because of the landscape, the people, the beer and so on. But it wasn?t as lucrative as he hoped and after a year he was almost stonebroke. His father urged him to go to university - despite his age. Smith remembered his time with the wolves and decided to study biology. As it came to his knowledge that he could study biology and philosophy at the Technical University of Berlin, he signed hisself up and after 6 years he finished with a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Science. He was able to keep his head over water with ocassional jobs as a blacksmith and much govermental subsidies. It were no rich years, but he made ends meet. At this time he met his future wife, Clara. She was a beautiful and hot-hearted woman. They fell in love and married.
It seemed like he was now on the light side of life. Some weeks after his marriage he got a letter of a professor who read his dissertation and wanted him for a job. Smith would be a kind of wildkeeper in a nature reserve, where he would be able to observe the population and movements of the animals. Smith agreed.
But fate got some bad things in store for him.

The worst thing was that no one was to blame. The trucker fell asleep in this rainy night and came of the road. And hit the car of his brother and his wife. They've been on the way to his home after a party Smith wasn't able to take part because he had to work. The only good thing, the doctors said, was that all four had been dead at once. The trucker, his brother, his wife - and his unborn child. This was the time he lost everything. His - still - best friend was in Japan, his parents had moved to the Provence in southern France and his colleagues only were pity for him. He got his family burned and buried and started to drink. He also started to take more and more distance from the people around him. He moved to a hut deep in the reserve and became a kind of eremite. It seemed to be the only way to forget what happened. Maybe it was the wrong way, but it was his way to deal with it. Two years he lived like this, the days working, wandering, exercising, hunting, the evenings drinking and the nights full of nightmares.

It was a windy and cold night, despite it was summer. The full moon was shining through a window and Smith had been waked up from another nightmare, showing how he met his wife the first time. The dream ended showing her burning on the pyre he had set for her funeral. He dried his tears but wasn't able to fall back to sleep. So he decided to go hunting in the forest. He was the only one permitted to do that, because it was a nature reserve. He dressed, took his weapons and head into the forest. He strayed randomly through the woods, not really hunting. He chose to visit some glades to watch the moon. At the second or third (he can't remember precisely) he noticed a strange light. It looked like the headlight of jeeps, and Smith thought he found some poachers. This was surprising. There had never been any reports of illegal huntings, but there's always a first time. He loaded his guns and stalked nearer. But then he stopped. ?The light's to high and to bright! This can't be a truck, the forest's to close! But what is it then?? [this would be in german, but of course I?m going to write his thoughts and words in english] He hid behind a tree and risked a peek. And was shocked. A big metal thing, a ship, looking like it was from a cheap si-fi movie had landed on the glade. A ramp had opened at his assumedly backside and floodlights were brightening the area. Big shadows were standing on the ramp. In the light he saw some crates and boxes on th ground. Smith narrowed his eyes and took a second look. He didn't believe his eyes as he saw 3 big, upright walking animals. Aliens! He pulled his head back behind the tree and brushed his face with his hand and clawed at his hipflask in a pocket of his coat. With a shaking hand he took it out and whispered: ?This can?t be real!? He quickly opened it and tried to take a mouthfull of the booze he usually had in it. But it was empty - he had forgot to refill it the last evening. That means he hadn't had a drink for not less then 8 hours. He must be sober, and this must be reality. He was always sure that mankind was not the only intelligent life in the universe, but he never believed that someone could visit Earth. So what to do? He looked straight ahead in the forest, then at the moon and gulped down his shock and horror. He realized that he doesn't felt scared, but excited. With a calm face and a shaking heart he steeped out of the shade and into the light.
He remembered what he had learned at his military basic training, long ago. ?Look deescalating but watchful. And smile. Smiling is everywhere a sign of friendliness!? He hold the shotgun he carried easy before his chest, the barrel looking down to his feet, one arm on the butt of the gun. His hunting rifle was at his back. But he wasn't able to smile. The Cyantians (he didn't now this name yet) hadn't noticed him. He raised his voice and shouted: ?Hey you! Who are you! What are you doing here! And don't you know this is a nature perserve!? They turned around and seemed to be as shocked to see him as he was. The hand of one, a tiger, had darted to a holster at its leg, but another, a black wolf with a clipboard, stopped it. Smith wasn't sure about the third, because it stood in front of a floodlight. They shouted back at Smith and he was surprised that it sounded a little like Latin. He had learned it in school 20 years ago (instead of French). He tried to remember what he had learned - he wasn't a very good pupil. He managed to say something like: ??h you are. I'm Johnathan Smith. -darn, how do i do a question again...ah, there it goes- can i help you?? The aliens looked at each other. They seem to see his problems. One said ?One moment!? Now, that he was prepared, Smith understood. The black wolf turned and went to the ship, then came back and walked slowly to Smith. Its eyes went to Smiths shotgun. He realized it and took the gun away to show he was harmless. The wolf took a few steps and stood in front of the human. Smith raised his head to look into the eyes of the wolf. They were grey and it was smiling. Smith thought: ?How is the air up there?? and smirked due to this pretty idiotic joke. The wolf handed a silver device to Smith, which looks like a collar. Smith always refused to wear something like that. Slaves had to wear collars with the names of their masters. Pets wear collars. But he was a free person! But in this case... he took it and laid it around his neck. He felt a strange sensation, an odd itch in his ears and tongue. Then the wolf asked: ?Is this better? can you understand me?? ?Perfectly. Who are you, what are you doing here and don't you know that this is a nature preserve!?, he repeated his questions, loosing no time. This was HIS forest! He was resposible for it! What did they thought? The wolf answered: ?Hm, maybe you should talk to my commander.?
It lead Smith towards the ship ?I?m just the navigator.? ?Hey, I've been a navigator once, too!? ?Great to hear that.? They walked onto the ramp and in the inside of the ship. The tiger looked at Smith with a strange mixture of curiosity and guardedness. Now he could see the last of the three. It was again a wolf, not as big as the others, with white fur and eyes like yellow amber. He introduced himself: ?I?m Commander Garjouan, but you can call me Gar. Smith, right? We didn't expect to meet any humans life here, and we're actually not permitted to make any contact.? ?Neither i am and i didn't expect any - visitors here either.? Smith said, smiling, trying to act diplomatic. ?And i don't life here but in a hut some minutes away. What about you come to my home and have dinner??
He didn't believe what he just asked. The words had slipped out of his mouth without asking his brain for permisson. He must be crazy! ?I just invited a big, talking wolf to my house!? He screamed in his mind. The Wolf looked a moment uncertain but said: ?Sure, why not. Thanks! The food here on bord isn't really good.? ?Thought so.? He hadn?t but now it was to late to withdraw the invitation.?May I bring my adjutant with me?? ?Eh, sure!? That was something Smith hadn't expected, but to be precise, he hadn?t expected anything. ?Ok. Mike, you come with me. Moe, you stay here!? He said to the black wolf. ?Yes sir! Shall I send you a message when the others come back?? ?Yes.? The tiger, apparently Mike, took a bag from the ship and followed the human and his commander to Smiths hut.
There they two took a seat at Smiths table. The chairs were a little too small, but the cyantians said nothing. On the way, they had Smith told were they came from and what they did on earth, as he wished to know. Also they said that they indeed knew that the area was under protection. That was the reason why they landed in his forest. No people around. Smith was thinking furiously what kind of food they would want. So he asked: ?Am I right if I assume you eat meat?? ?Yeah, what else??, Mike said. He had needed a little time but was now very friendly. ?No problem. But what kind of? I don't want to cause any diplomatic problems...? Smith said to himself. What would happen if he would serve a kind of distant relative or somethig like that? ?Do you want some wine? I also should have somewhere a beer or two. Or maybe something stronger?? he said to his guests. ?Wine would be nice.? Garjouan said. Smith opened a bottle and filled three glasses. ?Say, what species do live on Cyantia? Or are there only wolves and tigers?? ?No, and it's called mounties - that are all kind of cats. There are also fox, mice, rabbits, ?birds? - they are called avisterians - and many other, for example rams.? Mike explained ?Ram!? shot through Smiths head. He raised a hand to the tattoo in his neck, which was hid by the collar of his shirt. He hadn't showed it and wasn't going to do so. What if there was a war with the ram or had been once? Smith didn?t want to look like a sympathizer with anyone. ?Than some wild hog would be OK for you?? ?Sure, why not?? Smith started to roast the meat. Heself liked it best if it was still red. After he served the hog they started to eat and talk. Both of his guests seemed to like the food. The commander asked Smith about his life. And Smith talked, talked like he never did befor. He was surprised by himself why he was so open to a stranger. But maybe BECAUSE the cyantians were the perfect strangers, stranger than any human could be, he talked so much. About his time in school, the navy, his time at the university and his tries to get a job. And his family and his time after the accident. He ended with a sight.
His guests looked at him. Garjouan wanted to take a sip of his wine but hit the glass and throw it of the table. Smith, all of a sudden, grabbed it just above the ground. Mike took a deep and sharp breath. But not because of the glass, but because he had seen Smiths tattoo. Also had his commander. Smith saw their eyes laying upon him. ?What is this in your neck?? Garjouan asked. ?A tattoo.? The human sighted. He had wanted to avoid this. ?I know what a tattoo is.? The wolf said with a sharp undertone. Smith sighted again. ?It?s the symbol of Aries. It's my zodiacal sign. As I was younger, I realized that the things we connect with this sign are a part of my personality - stubbornness, a hot temper and so on, but also the ability to guard and lead a group of people.? ?Hm. I did know you humans see animals and persons in the stars, as we did long ago. Do you have any other tattoos?? Mike asked curious. ?Yes. one.? ?May i see it?? Smith stood up. He sighted again and turned around. This was something he really hoped he had not to do. He slowly opened his shirt and took it off. The tattoo in his neck was now clearly visible. Also was the blank and shining chain mail he was wearing. He explained ?For training? before the two were able to ask. He took it off and drooped it to the ground. It landed with a deep thump. He took the thin t-shirt off he wore under it to protect his skin from being ripped open. Then he straightened his back and turned around again. Both cyantians took a gasp as they saw the wolf tattoed on Smiths left breast. ?Why?? they asked. Smith fokused the commander as he said. ?Some people here on earth belive that in the innermost depth of ones soul there is the spirit of an animal. Most people nowadays think this is nonesense, but i felt all my life a connection to wolves.? Mike thought aloud: ?So you?ve got two animals in you, a ram and a wolf.? ?Aries et Lupus, yes.? ?And three souls in your chest. The human, the ram and the wolf.? Garjouan said. ?No - one soul with three faces.? Smith had much time to think about this as he was young and while he was alone in the woods. He took his clothes back on, except for the chain mail. Mike had took it and handed it to Gar. ?Maybe you should meet one of the coyote shamans of our world. But this -? he weighted the chain mail in his hands ?- is not a bad idea, it's pretty heavy.? ?Thanks.? Smith took the dishes off the table and in his little kitchen. Mike and Gar talked silently together. Then Garjouan said. ?Smith, it was nice, but would you take us to our ship now? My crew should be back anytime and we have to start before sunrise.? ?Sure.?
They walked back, the moon almost set. It was about 4 o'clock in the morning. At the ship, the black wolf tried hard not to fell asleep. He was cold and tired and his mood wasn't at best state. But Gar had a surprise: he had a piece of the hog for his navigator. Moe smiled, took the meal and went in the ship, so did Mike. Garjouan said to Smith. ?Say, Smith, would you want to come with us to Mars? As I see it, nothing ties you here anymore. You could be useful for us. I have to have a little talk to my superior, but I think it should work well. We'll be back in a week. Until then you have time to think.? Mike came back: ?We?re ready to start. We only have to wait for the others.? ?Allright then? Gar turned back to Smith and shook his hand. ?One last thing. you could get a visit of a group of man called the MIB, thats Men In Black. They observe us, but I'm pretty sure they didn't took notice of us this time. But if they did, it would be better for you to not open your door if they come to you.? ?Nice to know.? He headed back to his home, his mind full of thoughts and his heart full of joy.
But not for long. Two days after he had another visitors. A big black SUV approached his hut, early in the morning. Smith was still sleeping as a heavy knock thundered at his door. Sleepy he opened. Two - well - men in black stood before him and said ?Johnathan Smith?? ?Depends on who is asking? He thought the cyantians had been joking or exaggeratig. ?We?re from Sektion Z. And we want to talk.?
And this was it. They stepped in and asked for coffee. Smith, slightly confused, offered them tea instead (he didn't drink coffee) and sat at his table, as they did.
?So, what?s Sektion Z?? Smith asked. As he wouldn?t knew already. ?Have you ever seen the movie MiB? We ARE the Men in Black. The German Men in Black to be precisely.? The man looked and said this like he had said this very often before, serious but with a annoyed undertone. ?You know why we're here. You had some interesting - visitors two days ago. We know about them. We observed them for a long time but never could made contact. Of course we could imprison you and ambush them, but we're not like our American colleagues. We like to do it with a little more style. And thats where you come in. We've got a job for you.? The agent pulled a stack of letters out. ?These are from the Secretary of Defense, of the Interior and of our Boss. Official invitations to make contact - official or unofficial at any time they want. Hand them over and Germany will be very thankful. It's your choice. If you don't...? he didn't completed the threat, but Smith had already took the letters. ?Then, have a good flight. Hope we won't see you again.? They left without another word. ?The feeling is mutual.? mumbled Smith and headed sleepy back to his bed.
Five Days later he entered the spaceship. He was wearing his navycoat and a hat and what he thought would be fitting to such an event. His package was light. Some clothes, a few personal objects and documents all packed in a backpack and his old sailor's kitbag. He had decided to took nothing with him, which would remind him about his past - no photos, no objcts, nothing. He was welcomed by many smiling, furred faces, first of all a grinning Garjouan.
The transfer went well, except they had a problem with the air conditioning system. It didn't cool the air but heat it up to 30?C (86?F). He took of his coat, opened his clothes but still sweated. He talked to the crew, but soon fell asleep. He had been so exited the last night he couldn't sleep. It was a very light sleep and he woke up serveral times. He was waked up as they had landed on Mars. The sendoff was quick, because Commander Garjouan and his crew had to fly to a new mission. He told Smith where he had to go if he wants to apply for a job and that he could ask everyone, the would know and all were friendly. The ramp closed and they flew away.
He was welcomed by the usual people - security and medics. They took him to an extra department of the spaceport, just behind the landing pad. The security turned his package upside down while the medics did the same with Smith. They did a full screening, taking blood probes, testing his reflexes and so on. Being a human, everyone stared at him, but as he took of his clothes, their eyes had almost fallen out.
As he waited for the results of his test, he had to fill in a medical survey. The usual questions, like if he took medicine regularly (he didn?t), if he had once lost a big amount of blood in a short time (he had, he donated it two or three times) or if he had a serious disease (again, he didn?t). While he was doing this survey, he aknowleged that the room he was in seemed to be for furred people, who are even without clothes not really nude, and not humans, because it had a big front window to the mall behind the spaceport. He noticed that the people walking by stared at him an some stopped and were watching him sitting in underwear on the table and writing down his medical life. The mouse who had examined him took the survey and after she compared it with the results of the screening she said to Smith:
?All in all you are in a good condition. Your stamina is a little low, but all your organs are very healthy. Heart, lungs, kidneys, everything - except your liver. Do you or did you took big amounts of alcohol over a long period of time?? ?For almost two years, every evening.? Smith replied in his quiet, deep voice and it was obvious he wasn?t proud of this. ?You should really stop this or you will get into serious trouble.? She pointed at one of the questions. ?here you said you never suffered any serious disease but we found a many antibodies in your blood. Could you explain this?? ?I got some immunizer-shots as I was younger.? The mouse shook her head. It didn?t look like she liked this idea. But she relieved him of the examination. He took his clothes on and his bags on his shoulder. The security found nothing that could be dangerous, so they let him go. Smith took a last deep breath and stepped into the busy confusion of the mall at the spaceport.
Now he is standing there, blinking into the light and waiting for what ever will come.

Lyrics ? ?Far Away? by Paddy goes to Holyhead

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