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Sargent Major Abraham Odsidian
« on: July 20, 2008, 03:23:27 pm »
Passed 7/18

Name: Sargent Major, Abraham Obsidian "Drill Sargent" "Sargent Obsidian" "Major" "Abe"

Species: Mounty, 3/4 Saber 1/4 Tiger

Age: 25

Type: Security Drill Sargent, High Ranking Officer

Function: Training Security Personnel, handling out of control situations

Quote: "That'll cost you.....Drop down and gimme fifty!"
                   "Ple~ease......I asked nicely."

How much experience do you have with role-playing? How much time have you spent on MUSHs/MUXs/etc.? Been here on the MARPG for over a year. Occasional MUDD.

What is your character's personality?First impressions are rough. He has a heavily serious air about himself, most people seem to be afraid of him. Due to his military training he keeps his emotions in check. On the inside he's just a big softy, with nearly infinite patience.

What things does s/he like?
He enjoys peace and quiet. He can be found wandering the gardens listening to nothing at all. Unfortunately theres just something about scaring the crap out of recruits he enjoys to no end. Nothing like tearing in in a mock rage and watch them squirm.

Disorder from students. Having to the otherside of his job. On top of training recruits, Abraham gets to handle the more unruly students when trouble flares. He always keeps a cool head and speaks calmly. If finesse doesn't work, brute strength will.

What are the strong points of your character?
Due to his military training he has a great respect for authority. As an MP he had uphold the laws of what, or who ever, he was responsible for. That being, he follows rules down to the final point.

Weak points?
A granite like exterior, it deflects most people. Only the most inquisitive will attempt a conversation. He prefers to judge any situation he ends up in. What he's doing is searching for the most efficient way through a problem.

Name one thing your character would never do and why.
Harm someone without a good reason. There is a difference between restraining, and choke slamming some one.

How well does s/he interact with others?
Peaceful, and serious at the same time. Personal problems are usually off limits. He'll judge the situation before doing anything. If he decides to help, its usually with a silent glance.

What are their abilities, hobbies, things they're good at?
Anything military, or security related. Convincing rookie recruits how easy it is to stay quiet and do as their told.

MENTION if they carry some sort of a weapon.
Can of mace and a baton, when in uniform. Though the stick and spray would be a last resort.

Give an example description of your character.
8' 2" wall of prime muscle. Jet black fur over most of his body.  His head hair is kept neatly trimmed. White tipped ears, and a series of white tiger stripes down his back and tail. The white lines cancel out about half way between his shoulders and elbows. Same on his hips and thighs. The massively long fangs seem to always give him a kind of unhappy frown. One tooth was broken in an armed conflict, he now has a gold cap over the banana sized fang. His eyes are an odd white, the only color to his eyes are the black slitted pupils.

What qualities or traits does your character have that would be useful to the Mars Academy currently, or in the future when it becomes a colony? This includes skills, and for those who would need to apply, qualifications.
An inactive Military Police officer, he has plenty of qualification to teach and train security personnel.

Why does your character want to be at the Academy rather than at another Academy, or some other location?
Seems the Academy had a now hiring spell. Abraham, since his current contract was up, applied for the trainer position and was hired.

What goals does your character have for the future?
One day, long time off, Abraham would like to start a family. Currently he's more interested in getting settled on Mars and starting his position.

What is your characters nature and thoughts on other of his/her own species?
Some of the mounty halls use spirituality to solve their delimas. In the southern reaches of Mounty lands next to fox territories, if you wanted to solve a problem you had to get out and do it yourself. He respects some of his people's religion outlooks, so long as they don't try to push it on him.
What is his or her view on other species?
The wolves are a good lot, though their insatiable need to be on top makes them odd. Rabbits are a mouthy bunch. Never had much contact with the Rams. Foxes are always an odd topic. He knows not all are bad, but they cost him a fang, part of his glory.  

What is your characters history?
   Born to a clan of black sabers, Abraham spent his young life living on the border with fox lands. Skirmishes were a part of every day life. His father, and grandfather had both served in the military, so when he was old enough he followed suit. The occasional butting of heads with their neighbors always had the area Abraham lived in a waring mood.
   After one such battle he came home nursing a busted mouth. His grandmother, knowing how males always saw their fangs as statement, had a gold cap made to be set over her grandson's broken fang. When his term of service came to an end, he was directed by his CO to try for the position on Mars. After reviewing his qualifications, he was hired. He's just landed on the red planet, gold tooth shining, dressed in his military memorabilia.
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