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Fejin Majinai
« on: May 29, 2008, 09:18:42 am »
Now the second resident of 07-S787.

Full Name: Fejin Majinai
Species: Taboa (loosely based on the Prevost's Squirrel.)
Age: 19
Type: 2nd year student
Function: Music Major, Martial Artist
Quote: "Do not be fooled by the lack of speed.  This is movement refinement for a kick to the throat."
How much experience do you have with role-playing? How much time have you spent on MUSHs/MUXs/etc.? Been rping for a long time, got Toast, Soida, and Tejaswi here, and also now participate in the real life social RP called the SCA (good, good times).

What is your character's personality? Quiet, watchful, and careful mostly.  He prefers quiet observation and precise activity to loud, boisterous, and immediate participation.  He is very patient and willing to put up with situations for long, long periods of time, but can sometimes find himself short with a person who rubs him the wrong way.  He also has a serious problem with being called cute, especially by females who have told him he has a baby-face; but he can put up with the coddling just like anything else, he's just not likely to choose to be around you again.
What things does s/he like? Quiet, music, classic beauty, and mochi.  Quiet for concentration and meditation.  Music for joy and relaxation.  Classic beauty for relaxation and romance (watch out ladies ;P).  And chocolate dipped mochi for sheer deliciousness (bless those Terrans and their culinary genius).
Dislike? Hovering, clingy, emotionally unstable people who either choose to fawn over his supposed cuteness, seek his protection as if he's some god that should care for their every need, or spread their drama around liberally so that no one may escape their ridiculous influence.  And any mixture of those.  Also, the smell of bleach (or any harsh chemical) and the taste of grapefruit.
What are the strong points of your character? He is thoughtful and planning, and doesn't do much until he has a complete plan that works very well in theory.  He also doesn't tolerate failure very well, and will work himself hard to make sure he is the best he can be.
Weak points? He burns himself out often.  He loves what he's chosen to do, but with how hard he can work to try to attain perfection, he can work himself into a walking, sleep deprived powder keg surrounded by matches.  There have been very few huge blow ups in his life, and most of the mediocre ones he's done in private, which is all thanks to his self control, but it's still a very distinct possibility.
Name one thing your character would never do and why. Be a Cyantian "bro", or a "playboy", as Terrans call them.  The style and attitude goes against everything he stands for, and he smelled that Axe stuff once.  He doesn't understand how any once can stand it, let alone the females.
How does s/he interact with others? Fejin is highly respectful of those older or in a higher position than him, even if their personalities clash.  He is quiet and watchful until he can offer some wisdom or knowledge in a situation or to a question asked in public.  And while he refuses to be a playboy, some may misconstrue his quiet chivalry and trinket-giving to the ladies as carefully calculated romantic schemes.  Anger can involve him slipping back into his native language and ranting at the person and the general room in a very animated fashion much to many people's bewilderment.  Sadness will see him being even more quiet and give off an anti-social air to push others away.
What are their abilities, hobbies, things they're good at? Obviously, he's an exceptional musical performer.  He prefers woodwinds over most anything else, but doesn't get along too well with most of the brass instruments.  He is also a skilled martial artist and looks to expand his talents to newer styles from the wide possibilities of the universe.  He's also recently begun learning Japanese calligraphy as a calming activity to practice in his down time.
MENTION if they carry some sort of weapon. Being a martial artist, he has a large variety and stash of weaponry.  Part of it he brought with him to Mars and keeps them in his room either locked away in the more dangerous cases, or in display cases in his room.  All of them are dulled, but he has the tools to sharpen them if need be.  As for what he carries on him, he has a pair of matching daggers from his father that he carries on either hip.  Both dulled with age and use rather than on purpose.

Give an example description of your character. Fejin, despite his stoic demeanor and imposing skills, is only 4'8" and a wiry little guy with a plump and unfortunately cute baby face.  He is almost completely midnight black except for two places.  His shoulders, extending up onto his cheeks and down to the middle of his biceps, is a bright red brown.  Starting on his chest and going down to parts unknown is a muddled gray-white.  His tail is a solid black, and not quite as fluffy as one might attribute to a Taboa, but still fluffy enough for more accusations of cuteness.  His eyes are a stunningly bright hazel in contrast with his dark coat.  His black hair he keeps long and combed back in a neat pony tail.  Sometimes, though, after he's let it grow for several months, he'll only pull it half way through the last loop and give himself a little bob on the back of his head (which doesn't help in the cuteness bombardment).  Fejin tends to wear darker robes with long slits up both legs or a long tunic and pants: light weight, easy to clean, and close fitting but not tight so he can still move easily.

What qualities or traits does your character have that would be useful to the Mars Academy currently, or in the future when it becomes a colony? This includes skills, and for those that would need to apply, qualifications. He could likely be a very good security or covert ops person in a pinch should the need arise for more people than can be supplied immediately.  On the flipside, his skill in music could bring joy, calm, and culture to Mars as well as to Earth.  Also, as a member of the secluded Taboa society, he could shed some light on his people, their ways, and their knowledge.
Why does your character want to be at the Academy rather than at another Academy, or some other location? He was intrigued by this grouping of different people, and these Terrans who are completely oblivious of all Cyantia.  Especially their ways of war, which he is infinitely curious about.
What goals does your character have for the future? Far in the future? Go back home and share stories and experience and knowledge gained from Mars and the rest of Cyantia.  In the near future? Graduate, work, enjoy life.

What is your character's nature and thoughts on others of his/her species? Being from a smaller tribe, Fejin's experience with his own species is even limited, although back home he regularly heard news from the other communities.  But generally he is very accepting and favorable of his own people and the way their society works (even the ones who may rub him the wrong way).
What is his or her view on other species? Most of them seem extremely materialistic and vain but some of them have good hearts and good heads.  It all just depends on the person.

Please answer the following in a couple paragraphs: What is your character's history? Who is or was your characters family? What were the important events of your characters past? What kind of life did they have before they arrived at the academy? Fejin was born as the first child and first son of Carilee and Uchi Majinai in a small tribe of Taboa in the forests of Rabbit and Ram land.  Fejin was soon joined by twins, a sister and a brother, and had a happy life in their tree top home while cared for by their parents.  But being the first born son, and also following a long line of protectors and warrior, Fejin was expected to train as soon as he was able.  He fell right into the life under his father, Uchi's, tutelage and the tribe elder and excelled in his martial studies.  Fejin also proved to be intelligent, and his teachers had a hard time keeping up with his voracious mind.
He started out happy-go-lucky enough, if that can be believed from his personality now, and spent plenty of time playing with his siblings and helping them play pranks on others in the community.  But, as he was expected to train his mind for combat study, and as he made the mistake to showing up late to the dojo a few times, his instructors came down hard on him, and he began to develop a disquieting quiet about him for one so young.  Even his father, a seasoned fighter who had seen serious combat before with a band of brigands who had harassed the communities several years before, was a boisterous, joking man.  Fejin was developing more into the mysterious Master Juhan who had started to take him under his wing.  Juhan took everything seriously, so much so that he was an outsider in his own community.  Uchi and Carilee tried to guide him away from Juhan, even try and switch his training hours so that Juhan wouldn't be there, but Fejin enjoyed Juhan's calm, stoic, and intelligent demeanor and flourished under it.
His parents eventually gave up, seeing he was happy despite not making it obvious outwardly.  In the end, it came out for the better: Fejin ended up small.  While others of his generation entered their growth spurts and quickly came to the same height as their parents (about 5'4', give or take a few inches), Fejin was slow in growing.  A good deal of the teachers looked down on this, but Juhan worked with his small stature and eventually made him out to be one of the quickest and most devious sparring partners for any in the dojo.  With time, and many long hours in the weight room to try and compensate for his size, Fejin became a respected fighter and was graduated to border guard ahead of his class.
When he was 15, a couple of rabbits came fleeing into their forest, hotly pursued by a masked band of outlaws.  Fejin and the two others present quickly dispatched the outlaws, having to kill two who refused to give up or run.  Unfortunately, it was too late for one of the rabbits, who had taken a shot in the back not long after running into Taboa land, and the other was badly wounded.  The others, afraid of outsiders, thought of leaving her there to die, but Juhan had done well in instilling morals in Fejin and he carried the rabbit back for medical care.  While she recovered, what was left of the band persisted in making little raids against the tribe.  Eventually, she was well enough to leave and Fejin chose to be her escort, not willing to leave her to try and escape the persistent criminals again.
The rabbit city welcomed them back with open arms and took Fejin in for a few days of rewards (apparently the rabbit he rescued had been the daughter of a prominent businessman).  While there, he managed to sit in on a few classes at the local school and soaked in every bit of information that he could.  Especially the music class.  Back home, the role of musician was something that was shared among everyone at celebrations or get-togethers, there really was only one person that made it their profession, so it had never occurred to him that he could be a musician.  He knew how to play the pipes, as well as a few other instruments, even how to make a few, so it wasn't a that big of a leap for him to take.  Returning home, he brought back with him a large collection of books on various subjects, but most of them music, and began to teach himself while off duty or out of the few classes he still took.
After a long talk with his parents and Juhan, Fejin returned to the rabbit city a few years later to take the entrance exams for the local secondary school.  They admitted him and covered his tuition, as he only had three classes he needed to take to cover his gaps in knowledge and graduate.  While there, he learned of Mars academy and was struck with a desire to continue his education; academically as well as martially.  After graduating, he traveled home, had another talk (mainly with Juhan, as Uchi was off on boarder guard when he got home) and made a promise to come back one day.  The community, impressed with young Fejin, pooled what acceptable resources they had and sent him off to take the entrance exams and help with travel expenses.
Fejin applied, took the exams, and was accepted, as well as garnering financial support from the rabbit businessman who's favorite daughter he had saved.

If you're applying for a character that's been at the academy a while, what's happened to them at the academy? How have they spent their time here? Learned, practiced, learned, fought, learned some more, and made friends with some of the local gym owners and martial arts teachers.  Also made friends with a fabric store owner to help in the making of his own clothes.
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