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Tejaswi Calumb
« on: March 20, 2008, 04:30:15 pm »
Woooooo! Yeah!
Now all alone in her second year lodgings:   07-S644

Full Name: Tejaswi Calumb (Teh-jazs-wee Cah-loom)
Species: Equine (draft horse, modeled loosely after the Freisian)
Age: 20
Type: 2nd year Student
Function: Whitesmith/Jeweler with an Art minor
Quote: "I hope that's not the way your mother taught you to do that..."
How much experience do you have with role-playing? How much time have you spent on MUSHs/MUXs/etc.?   Several years with table top stuff, used to be involved with the developing of the Alien Dice RPG, been here for a year and change with Toast and Soida.

What is your character's personality? Tejaswi can best be described as the strong silent type, except not so much on the silent.  She is very opinionated, and lets people know, when she feels the need, that she does not agree with them at all.  Generally, she?s very down to earth, and logic based in her decisions, but has a wild creative streak that comes out in her jewelry and sculptures.  She?s mostly distant, but can be very affectionate to people who gain her trust; either way she won?t stand by when someone needs help (even if she has a problem with them, unless it?s serious).  She?s also something of a mysophobic, but has certain exceptions to it.
What things does s/he like? Shinies.  And open air and sunshine with freedom to do what she wishes.  Freedom is an important thing to her because of her confinement as a child.  Also, all things lemon and sour green apple are delicious.
Dislike? Dirty things.  Dirty as in very likely infectious.  She doesn't mind a little dirt, oil, or grime, but when it's something with possible highly infectious bacteria, viruses, parasites, etc., she will not be happy.  This links back to her childhood as well.  Also, she has an inexplicable hate for licorice and chocolate.  Even she doesn?t know why, they just taste horrible to her.
What are the strong points of your character? She is very detail oriented and will not sacrifice quality for quantity.  She?s also very fastidious and is not likely to leave any kind of mess behind her, or leave herself a mess.
Weak points? She is extremely opinionated and somewhat narrow minded.  While she is happy to explore diversity in jewelry design and art, she?s not so happy to explore diversity in much else.  She also doesn?t voice these opinions often, unless in extreme situations, so she can build up resentments against people without them knowing why and generally doesn?t feel a need to explain if they ask.
Name one thing your character would never do and why. Work in a hospital, clean up after barnyard animals, or go cavorting about with random males who throw nice words her way.  All of those lead back to getting sick or being exposed to sickness in one way or another, and she's absolutely had enough of that for a life time.
How does s/he interact with others? Strong and silent.  Can be somewhat arrogant and look down her muzzle at another if the first impression was bad (in her opinion), but generally lets most people be.  Usually only approaches those she finds interesting or looks like they could be of help.
What are their abilities, hobbies, things they're good at? Obviously, working with precious metals, and she already knows most of the old fashion ways to choose and cut a gem.  She also likes sculpting, usually not with clay, but if she can?t get her hands on any metals she will use it and knows how to mix up a few traditional glazes.  Also, being from the largest type of equine, she isn?t too bad at sports involving strength.
MENTION if they carry some sort of weapon. A hammer would most likely be the thing on her most often that could be considered a weapon.

Give an example description of your character. Tejaswi is of the draft horse variety of the Equines living in Aciace, standing about 7?6? of a stocky build that makes her head appear slightly smaller than it should be.  Most of her is coal black, but her shoulders, forearms, thighs, and back are dappled with silver (a little on her nose, too).  Her mane, tail, and feathering around her hands and hooves are wavy and silver, her left hoof being white and the right black.  The thick nails on her middle and right finger of her right hand are white as well.  Her eyes are a rare blue-green.  She generally keeps her mane braided back along her neck, but ties it off where it stops and lets the rest of the length fall free to tail height.  Although she does keep her forelock braided and hooked in front of her ears.  Her tail she keeps bobbed in a beaded silk netting common among young women in her tribe.  The feathering around her hands she keeps closely trimmed to keep it from being caught up in her work and to also minimize sanitary problems, but the feathering around her feet almost completely obscures her hooves.  For clothes, she normally wears some kind of belted tunic, usually made by herself or her mother, and pants or (if she hasn?t managed to do her laundry yet) modified earth-made cargo jeans.  And as a sign of her wild streak, she has a silver and Peridot stud in her left nostril.

What qualities or traits does your character have that would be useful to the Mars Academy currently, or in the future when it becomes a colony? This includes skills, and for those that would need to apply, qualifications. Her opinions are always there.  But mostly the outlook and traditions of her home, as well as lovely merchandise for someone looking for anything from a pretty trinket to an engagement ring.
Why does your character want to be at the Academy rather than at another Academy, or some other location? She?s curious about earth designs and concepts for jewelry and it?s use (her nose stud is proof enough of what she?s learned).  She also wanted to learn a wide range of techniques for metalworking and gem cutting besides what she learned at home.  She could have learned highly technological ways any where in Cyantia, but the added techniques (however similar they may be) from Earth would be a plus.
What goals does your character have for the future? Become successful, open up shop as a jeweler one day, but also pass on the old ways an elder back home taught her so they can?t be lost.

What is your characters nature and thoughts on others of his/her species? As she?s come to know the larger perception of the world, she?s dismissed any disagreements and squabbling between the various villages and tribes of the Equines she knew of and accepted them all as mostly intelligent and wise (if not a little in the dark ages) people.  But she still does judge each individual she meets separately.  As for the EG creations, she generally pities them.  They seem like mindless fighting machines, only worried about who they?re bigger and better than.  They seem completely oblivious to any of the beauty in the world, and thus they seem quite a bit less intelligent than she or the others back home.
What is his or her view on other species? Tejaswi has quite a bit of pride in her own people, and can be prone to looking down on others (literally as well as figuratively).  The wolves seem a bit too wrapped up in themselves as a self righteous, technologically superior race.  The fox can be spoken of similarly, as well as slightly demented in their EG meddlings, but have definitely been knocked down several pegs by the plague and slightly pitiful in their continued superiority maneuverings.  Mounties are a bit closer to her own people, and she can accept one without too many racial preconceptions.  Rams, rabbits, and mice she hasn?t heard enough of in her few years in wolf country to form too much of an opinion on.  As for the humans, she finds them extremely fascinating on a whole.  With Cyantia, she can understand why there are so many different cultures and perceptions, because there are so many different species.  But humans are all one species and have so much diversity within them selves.  They aren?t exactly very advanced, but where she came from wasn?t exactly innovation central so she tends not to hold that against anyone.  However, as a whole, they do seem to be very vain and entirely too preoccupied with who from what part of their world is the prettiest (or even the ugliest); which a little pride in ones appearance isn?t a bad thing but humans seem to go above and beyond general up keep and appropriateness.

Please answer the following in a couple paragraphs: What is your character's history? Who is or was your characters family? What were the important events of your characters past? What kind of life did they have before they arrived at the academy? Tejaswi was born as a rare twin with her brother Kudi to the lead mare Vashara in a small, settled village.  Vashara hadn?t been the first to propose a permanent settlement to her band, but she had been the first to successfully implement it.  The dominant stallion was none too happy, being an older man used to wandering their territory, but he was quickly challenged and replaced by a younger stallion who Vashara had favored for a few years.  Tejaswi and Kudi?s early years were normal for two foals, although they were a bit better book-educated than their predecessors because of the new settlement.  But, one could say there would forever be a difference between them: Tejaswi was more inclined toward the old and Kudi more inclined toward the new.
Because of the band?s permanent settlement, they had finally crossed paths with a few Cheetah and Wolf merchants as more than just a nod to each other as they traveled in opposite directions on a path.  This brought in new technology and news, and Kudi was fascinated with it all.  Tejaswi, however, enjoyed the old things and running about free in the fields with no real home obligations that came with settlement.  Still, they got along pretty well.  However, with settlement and prolonged outside contact came something that was to be expected: disease.  There were a few years where a simple cold was passed to around, but when Tejaswi was six, a horribly debilitating virus happened upon the village.  It mostly struck down the old and the young.  Several old mares and two very old stallions were lost, and a handful of foals? immune systems were forever weakened.  When Tejaswi first got it, it was mild and Vashara was sure her child was strong enough to fight it off without a problem, but she was cautious and afraid Kudi might not be so strong, and she made the mistake of keeping Tejaswi penned up in the house.  Being the free spirit she was, Tejaswi used all her energy trying to fight her way out of the house, or plotting elaborate schemes to sneak out.  When all of them failed, she refused to eat what her mother brought her and weakened herself further to one night fall into a very dangerous, high raging fever that wouldn?t break for days.  The band healers tried all their herbal remedies, and even some of the trader?s medicine they distrusted so much, but eventually Tejaswi fought the sickness off when she was conscious enough to start eating again.
Vashara had become paranoid by this point, and even when it seemed that Tejaswi was fine and miraculously hadn?t suffered any latent effects like the other foals, she still insisted on her staying in the house and doing non-physical work.  But Tejaswi had had enough of the choking closeness of the house and finally managed to sneak away and run off on her own.  A frantic search was launched and the inexperienced filly was found out in the woods a couple days later alone, cold, crying, and with a nasty and infected gash on her leg.  Again, Vashara kept her in the house, and insisted she stayed in bed longer than she should have.  By this point, Tejaswi had given up and was just doing what her mother told her to.  Eventually, Vashara let her out of the house, but it was to keep the elders company and help them when they needed it: not dangerous or risky work.
Here, on lazy, boring afternoons, Tejaswi met the elder Chetan.  He was still mobile, and spry for a stallion of his age, but nothing like a younger one.  He spotted the wild streak in the filly and began to nurture it.  He told her outlandish stories about how he had once been the dominant stallion of an extremely rich herd that had had over a thousand members, and how he had decked his mares out in fine jewels and precious metals he had dug from the earth himself.  While this was all a huge lie, he had in fact been taught how to work with precious metals and how to cut and polish raw gems by his father in his previous herd.  At first, Tejaswi balked at the amount of work it took just to make a simple ring, she had become a fat little girl from her mother?s over protective coddling, but she admired the beauty too much to ignore his lessons.  Chetan soon began to coax her into coming outside again and running about like her age allowed her.  In one afternoon, as Chetan had convinced her to help him to a field where her brother Kudi was playing with other colts, Tejaswi rediscovered what freedom and happiness was.
When she came to the fostering age of ten, Tejaswi didn?t even wait for Vashara to place her with some one, or in another herd with people she had never met, she grabbed her things and moved in with Chetan and the other elders.  Kudi, not wanting to leave his twin, followed her.  Vashara was understandably angry, but Chetan called rights on them both as a superior by age.  Tejaswi flourished, and was soon putting out beautiful, if simple, pieces by buying cheap charms off merchants, melting them down, purifying them more, and beating them out into something else.  Kudi, however, was bored and unstimulated, and would often travel down the road to meet merchants, follow them back talking to them the whole way, talk to them in town, and then follow them out a few days before coming back.  He found it the only way to learn what he wanted and needed to satisfy his technological curiosity among all these farmers.  This lasted until Tejaswi and Kudi were 15, when Chetan died in his sleep without warning.  They were only a few months shy of being tossed into the wilderness to pass the tests to become adults, but Vashara was going to send them off to another band for those few months of fostering.
Cue a Wolf and a Fox, both emissaries to the country side to gather up any children that parents wanted educated in the city.  Kudi immediately jumped on board and convinced his mother that it would be like fostering.  Tejaswi, on the other hand, was still grieving Chetan and firmly ignoring her mother?s attempts to place her.  The Fox, Juno, having seen her jewelry and Kudi explaining the situation, approached her with the story of the loss of her fiance to the fox plague.  She too had wallowed in depression and heart-brokenness until she realized she could honor her love through the work he had loved: teaching.  After showing her a few pieces of her own jewelry and pieces she had seen before, as well as what little she knew of how they were made, Tejaswi signed on to travel to Centralis for schooling.
They left quickly, and once they came and took all the placement exams, both found themselves several years behind and in a crowd of younger kids.  Neither relished their position, but both launched themselves at their work with passion.  Kudi loved the technology and the atmosphere of the city, making many friends among the children in the Akaelae sponsored dorms and those native to Centralis.  Tejaswi, on the other hand, found her self isolated in the sea of technology and Cyantian pop culture, and quickly became the odd loner.  Both found their reasons to launch themselves at their work, and even came out a year ahead of projections, but still two years behind their age group.  Kudi found an apprenticeship in Centralis to dive into programming and computer engineering, and Tejaswi was about to settle for an apprenticeship with a high class jeweler when she was passed literature about Mars Academy.  At first, she didn?t quite see a point in going, but as things developed and she saw what exactly she would be doing in the offered apprenticeship and what she would be exposed to and could learn at Mars, she quickly filled out the application and sent it in.
She made one last visit back home, smoothing out any strain in her relationship with her mother, and leaving a mourning charm on Chetan?s grave, before going back to Centralis, finding her acceptance letter, and jumping a ship to Mars.

If you're applying for a character that's been at the academy a while, what's happened to them at the academy? How have they spent their time here? Moved in, taken classes, generally kept to herself the first year except for making friends with a few shop keepers selling jewelry from various places.  With urging from her mother?s letters, sent by her more tech-loving brother, she?s begun to come out and actively try to meet people.
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