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Leikki Biegle
« on: August 09, 2006, 12:53:22 pm »
Full Name: Leikki Biegle (pronounced "Like-key Beagle")
Species: Male Grey-Blue Mouse (from Mounty lands)
Age: 17
Type: Student.
Function: Lift Mechanic, some classes in Lift Operation and General Mechanics for rounded training.
Quote: "Ummm... errr.. h-hello."
How much experience do you have with roleplaying? How much time have you spent on MUSHs/MUXs/etc.?
Minor exposure. No practical experience.

What is your character's personality?
Around people he doesn't know, Leikki is genuinely shy and nervous, but friendly if approached. He is unwilling to excuse himself from any such conversation without reason (as it would be rude), but may stutter slightly due to nervous disposition, especially when there isn't anyone familiar to him present and the setting is not one he's inclined to. He is susceptible to pressure from particularly strong personalities.  Lately, he has been working to become more outgoing, and to stand up for himself more.

There are two ways he finds meeting others easier. The first is when the new person is introduced by a mutual friend, as Leikki tends to trust those whom he accepts. The second is for Leikki to meet them in a setting relating to mechanics, and later, perhaps, as a lift operator. The reason is that they now have a point of common interest, and that is a comfort. This is even true when the other person has no knowledge of mechanics, but is seeking his aid with a particular device or project.

A third way recently discovered is for the other person to come to his aid after Leikki has some need.  This is how he first befriended Verdi and Mike.

With those he is comfortable around, he is friendly and helpful, but normally reserved. Their familiarity calms his nerves and he can speak normally. This also goes for when he is in his normal element, most likely related to his chosen fields of professional. He tends to develop a normal daily and weekly ritual.

Normally shy and very reserved, Leikki does not handle shock well. He also loses his reserved stuttering when sufficiently upset, slipping into a fairly bold definitive voice, although he doesn't have a temper. He usually cools quickly once he can get whatever upset him aired.

What things does he like?
He enjoys tinkering with gadgets of all sorts, and enjoys building or modifying things made for races and competitions. He does not compete directly, however, and hasn't had any chance to test out his work himself. He would like to learn to use a light lift in order to get a feel for how the equipment he has chosen to specialize in repairing function.

Leikki dislikes being around a lot of people he does not know, preferring a small group of fellow mechanics, or being by himself. He also dislikes being forced into things, but lacks the willpower to resist peer pressure. Leikki's primarily hates being embarassed, which is at the core of his other dislikes.

What are the strong points of your character?
Skilled mechanic with a strong grasp of the basic principles of Cyantian machines. Despite his shyness, he does have an element of quiet physical attractiveness for a mouse.

Weak points?
Leikki is somewhat painfully shy, which makes meeting others difficult, and hinders attempts to speak in front of decent-sized group.

This mental shyness causes a slight stutter unless something is present to calm his nerves (like a good mutual friend, or a setting where he feels at home, like a class in mechanics) Leikki also lacks the forcefulness to say no under pressure, since he won't even break off a conversation without good cause.

(Note of interest: There are certain limits to what he can be pressured into. For instance, he won't break any major rules, no matter how much pressure to put on him. There are also acts that are harder for Leikki to be pressured into.)

Name one thing your character would never do and why.
Leikki won't seek out social events unless pressured to. Deep inside, he is worried about giving a bad impression, and of being rejected. For this reason, Leikki's mother specifically requested he be put with some Cyantians that were more outgoing in hopes they would put pressure Leikki to get out and meet more people.

Also, Leikki will not break any major rules of the campus, since it goes against his upbringing. If pressured into it, he will make every attempt to excuse himself and leave the would be perpetrator's to their planned misdeed. He is also resistant to overtly romantic advances.

How does he interact with others?
FATHER: Leikki greatly admires his father, who runs a mechanic shop in one of the bigger cities in Mounty lands. Leikki learned much from tutleage of his father and helped out a lot in the shop while many of his siblings preferred to go out and do other things.

MOTHER: Leikki's mother was constantly trying to get Leikki to go out and get to know more people. Part of it may be her desire for grandchildren. Leikki resisted most of the time, but occasionally granted her her wish for a night. Leikki thinks of her as a doting mother, loving but annoying and slightly embarassing. She is the head of the family, like many mouse families.  Leikki writes her once or twice a month with news.

(Note, these are included for motivational purposes, and could be expressed in conversation if relevant. Otherwise it is doubtful the parents would appear outside of the Spaceport, but would remain in Mounty lands.)

FRIENDS: Leikki's friends have normally been other mechanics and tinkerers, and as such usually discuss projects and related topics. Leikki tends to not to speak of personal issues with many, but seeks out a couple of people that he can trust in case he needs to talk of personal matters.

OTHERS: Leikki tends to maintain his distance, but will be polite if approached. If the other person mentions something he likes, he will become a little more at ease, but getting past his natural guards is fairly difficult. He is susceptible to pressure, being too timid to say no to determined personalities. He will almost always be polite, but will be more apprehensive if biased against the species, and a bit more at ease if the other person is a mouse/mounty.  Leikki has recently started to relax his guards a bit, but is still relatively private.

What is his abilities, hobbies, things he's good at?
Leikki is a good mechanic with a decent knowledge on several kinds of mechanical and electronic devices and tools.

Leikki possesses a variety of tools he uses in his chosen trade. He also has a large number of technical books and specs on a variety of devices.  His tools are now located in the lift tech student area, locked up as per the normal rules for such things.

He possesses a Mounty-made gravboard he uses in occasional recreation, and is interested in learning how the propulsion unit of the gravboard works as a side project. To this end, he is seeking to buy a new board, and will tinker with one while he reacquaints himself with operating the other.

Leikki isn't the kind of mouse who would think to harm others, and owns nothing which would be considered a weapon, save perhaps a small knife for utility purposes.

Give an example description of your character.
Leikki is a grayish-blue male mouse of healthy but moderate and masculine build, 5'2" with emerald green eyes, and tends to wear a pair of longjohns typical of a mechanic. When forced into more social situations, he tends to wear something semi-formal, regardless of how formal the gathering actually is. His features are somewhat attractive as far as mouse standards go.

Why is it essential to your character to be here in the Mars Academy?
Leikki seeks to learn how to work on the slightly more advanced devices the Wolf have (compared to the Mounty). He is particularly interested in lift technology, but would like a general overview of a variety of technology.

What are their qualifications?
Leikki apprenticed under his father to learn the basics of the mechanic trade. He school grades were especially good in math, physics, and electronics, and overall he placed in the top 10% of students nationwide (Mounty-lands).

What traits do they have that are useful to the future colony?
Leikki possesses a very technical mind, and useful skills as a mechanic. In addition, he could also serve as a lift operator when needed (once trained anyways).

What are their goals in being here?
Leikki's goal is to become a top-notch mechanic. He wants to keep his mother off his back, and avoid embarassing himself, but has recently expressed a desire to develop his social skills, and has a bit of a crush on Rhiadi, though he won't admit it.

What is your characters nature and thoughts on others of her species?
Leikki finds it a little easier to relate to Mice than any other species. Still, he avoids anyone he isn't familiar with if feasible. While he isn't actively seeking a mate, he would only consider female mice he could relate to somehow.

What is his or her view on other species?
Leikki avoids anyone unfamiliar if feasible. He is a bit more apprehensive about Fox and any EG-related species, since he heard many unflattering and exaggerated stories about them in his youth. He is slightly more comfortable around commonly seen Mounties, having grown up around them.

Please answer the following in a couple paragraphs: What is your character's history? Who is or was your characters family? What were the important events of your characters past? What kind of life did they have before they arrived at the academy?
2 or 3 generations ago, many of the Biegle family ancestors were adopted by the royal family as servants. They married and had children, many of which went about their own lives. Leikki's branch of the family stayed in Mounty lands, but aren't among the family branch who maintained their positions as royal servants. Any ward of the royal family may have heard the name before, but the family isn't important enough to attract much notice, and may in fact all have different names. Leikki's family has no access to the royal family.

Leikki's parents adhere to fairly conservative standard of behavior, including a belief in a monogamous family system similar to that found in most traditional Earth societies. It is unknown whether the Biegles have always been this way, or how large a role Mounty philosophies have played in this regard. Leikki has inherited this outlook on life, although his focus isn't as focused on child-rearing as his family's. In fact, Leikki does not think of marriage or anything related to it yet.

Leikki is the second youngest in a family of 8 mice children. His father runs a successful mechanic's shop in Gralen Cragg Hall (the city, not the palace) and Leikki enjoyed helping out with the shop growing up, including working on some of his father's racing projects and related projects.

His mother worries about the introverted nature of the young mouse, since most of the other mice made many more friends. She attempted to actively get him to meet others in the hopes he would be able to better function in the world after he left home. She has had little luck so far, but in sending him off to Mars Academy hopes that Leikki will be forced to overcome his weakness. (and perhaps make her some grandchildren). To this end, she has contacted counsellors on 2 or 3 occasions to request Leikki be placed with extroverted individuals, although Leikki is unaware of this.

Some of the past events include heading to the movies with a group, and a couple of dates, although nothing ever resulted from any of the dates or similar activities Leikki begrudgingly agreed to, mostly because Leikki was always too nervous.

What has happened in the meantime?
Since arriving, Leikki has moved into Room 05-S507 in the same bedroom as Jarrott, with Verdi and Khel as roommates.

Khel is a red Fox who considers himself a musician, although Verdi and Leikki would disagree. He is very messy, tending to leave his stuff all around.

Jarrott is a grey Wolf, very outgoing and too friendly for Leikki's tastes, liking to intrude with personal questions. He is also prone to "borrow" other people's things, and possesses a similar mindset to Quinn in this regard. Jarrott also tends to disregard some rules (such as no hoverboarding in the halls).

Jarrott is a good cook, and wants to learn to use lifts.

Verdi has become one of the few people whom Leikki trusts implicitly, owing to Verdi's quiet and normally professional demeanor, which is a bit odd considering Verdi is a Fox, a race Leikki tends to distrust.

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