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Rifalia Mekiska
« on: August 09, 2006, 12:27:30 pm »
The newest version

Full Name: Rifalia Mekiska (Rifa for short)
Species: Female Red Fox
Age: 18 (almost 19, birthday is W8, D4 of this semester)
Type: Student
Function: Mechanic
Division: Second Year, 2nd Semester
Quote: "No one is stupid, if he doesn't speak"

How much experience do you have with roleplaying? How much time have you spent on MUSHs/MUXs/etc.?
Some indirect exposure. MARPG is my only direct exposure

What is your character's personality?
Rifa is friendly, very social, hard-working, and tends to be a trustworthy friend where secrets and support are concerned. Rifa can be frustrating for others because she can be stubborn when she can't get her way.

What things does she like?
Rifa likes working with machines, problem solving, and parties. She also likes kicking machines that refuse to work.
Rifa is opposed to most any form of violence or cruelty to any living creature, including wars. She will attempt to stop anyone taking undue advantage of another. She does still eat meat. She also has an intolerance for spicy food.

What are the strong points of your character?
Rifa is an ace of fixing machines, and especially well-trained in spaceships and lifts. She has attended lift piloting just to get a "feeling" to how it works. Rifa also has an uncanny ability to see when others are hurting.
Weak points?
Rifa can be stubborn whenever she can't get her way in something she wants badly. She is especially stubborn and compulsive where electronics are concerned, often getting herself in over her head working on something she might not understand completely (such as an AC unit).

Name one thing your character would never do and why.
Rifa would never intentionally harm another (even an animal), because she has a particular loathing of those who are cruel to others, and does not wish to become that which she loathes.

How does she interact with others?
Rifa likes to get to know others, and make friends, a very extroverted person. Rifa is cautious for other's feelings normally, and will do her best to do right by her friends, keeping to herself any secrets they share with her, and being there to support them whenever they need someone.

She can be stubborn when she wants something that isn't allowed her, but will eventually give up when she sees it is futile, although it will put her in a bad mood.

She is very courteous and hardworking when she is on the job, and tends to be relaxed when at parties, or in social situations.

Regarding her parents, Rifa doesn't have a lot of contact with them, but will send her mother a letter every month or so. Rifa is worried her father will bring her back to Cyantzia. The topic is a bit of a sore spot with her.

She has recently decided to look for a boyfriend, not necessarily a permanent one.

What are their abilities, hobbies, things they're good at?
Rifa is an ace with machines, especially lifts (which she can fix in 10 minutes) and some spacecraft. She also has a sixth sense in detecting when others need help, and has been jokingly referred to as having Sirac abilities.

She has an interest in medical machines, including technology that might have helped counter the Fox Plague.

As a pacifist, Rifalia doesn't wield any weapons.

Give an example description of your character.
Red vixen, with brown eyes and black hair that goes down to her shoulders. She is 5'5" tall. She has dark muzzle, but lower jaw is white. She has white underbelly and tail, but the tip of the tail is white with a black ring (after going through a fur-dye procedure.

Why is it essential that your character be here in the Mars Academy?
She is getting more extensive training in repairing and maintaining machines, and may at some point learn enough to build a machine or robot of an existing design she has the blueprints for.
What are their qualifications?
She has one year of basic mechanics and English at Avistarian Academy, and one semester further training at Mars Academy, all with high marks.
Traits useful to the future colony?
Her mechanics training and aptitude will be very useful in spaceports and other mechanics facilities.
Goals in being here?
Long term - Rifa wishes to become a master mechanic in a variety of technological fields, including lifts, spacecraft, and medical technology. She also desires to crusade for the rights of EG-type species to live as other species.
Short Term - Make high grades, new friends, and have a good time while here.  She would like to start dating.

What is your character's nature and thoughts on others of her species?
Rifa is very much opposed to the traditional Fox caste system, and the thinking behind it. She also strongly disapproves of such genetic operations as Exotica Genoworks, believing it to be a form of slavery and demeaning to the "products". This two points are the main points of contention between her father and herself. (Her mother also believes in the caste system and the legitimacy of EG, but doesn't push it as strongly as her father.)
What is her view on other species?
Rifa is very accepting of every species, including the seemingly often violent Terran humans (according to their own history). She is particularly interested in such EG products as Siracs and Class C Skunks as individuals.

Rifa grew up under the Fox caste system, the daughter of two red foxes who strongly held the view such was the way things ought to be. Her father was so staunch a believer in the caste system, he turned down any job above his color.

When the Fox Plague hit, her family fled the cities into Mounty dwelling places in the mountains. Owing to the strictness of her parents and her mother's protectiveness, she never saw much of the city, but she did somehow get to know some friends, including some close friends, and become accustomed to the diversity of the area. It wasn't that bad a time, despite the fear of disease.

It was during this time she discovered the field of mechanics, during those times where she wasn't under the watchful eye of her mother. She was a natural with tools and quickly learned the essentials while there.

After the Plague had died down, her family moved back. Rifa's father joined the military to support them and slowly became more distant. Both parents urged Rifa also to join the military. Rifa, however, had fallen in love with the field of mechanics and focused her efforts to learning more about it. And because her parents spoke out against this field, and kept pressing her to join the military, she slowly began to realize the folly of the caste system. After a few months of tense verbal frustration on all sides, she was allowed to go to Avistary Academy to pick up English and Basic Mechanics. The next year, she moved to Mars Academy to continue her education.

What has she been doing while at Mars Academy?
Rifa has made several new friends, including the mischievious Ryalto, the shy Kylie, and a host of others.

Her classes last semester included General Lift Operations, Advanced English, Basic Lift Repair, and Basic Spaceship Repair, and she did well in all of them.

She also bought a fairly well-behaved but protective wisp named Mekar for a pet.

Birthday modified for RP reasons.
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