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Sharib Akhim
« on: February 04, 2013, 07:20:45 pm »
This character did not pass 3/6

Full Name: Sharib Akhim  (Sharib is the clan name.)
Species: Ram
Age: 22
Type: Student
Function: Terraforming

"Oh, it's YOU.  What do you want now?"
"Well, that's real mature now.  Grow up."
"That's how a Ram does it."
"I suppose I could help."

What things does he like?
Akhim enjoys sports, weightlifting, gardening, and finds physical labor invigorating.

There's a lot Akhim complains of, including pranks, mixed species dating, polygamy, "taking the lazy way", and a lot of things that are simply different than he's used to.
Akhim prefers not to use technology where hard work can accomplish the same thing.  (He considers terraforming as different from working the land, and considers its application valid for preparing land for farming and similar activities.  Defense is also valid use for tech.)

What are the strong points of your character?
Akhim is reliable, strong-bodied, and honorable in his own way.  What he says he will do, with his full effort.  He will also go out of his way to help someone whom he feels is in legitimate need.

Weak points?
Akhim is Ram through-and-through, and it is difficult for him to consider other viewpoints.  This brings out a sense of self-superiority that makes him difficult for many.  He is especially bigoted towards Rabbits, the result of hatred passed down since the Ram-Rabbit Wars.  Akhim lacks subtlety, tact, and often does not think before he speaks or acts.

Name one thing your character would never do and why.
Akhim would never bully another or pick a fight.  Ram are taught better than that, and he is better than those who would do that.  (He will *FINISH* a fight, however, as well as step in to protect someone being bullied.)
Akhim would never break his word to another, nor act in a dishonest manner.
It is also very difficult (but perhaps not impossible) for him to admit he was wrong.

How does he interact with others?
  It is difficult to get on Akhim's good side, as he can seem unapproachable, speaks his mind, and is often rude, especially to those he actively dislikes.  However, he is learning to manage his tongue better, and to consider his words before using them.
  Once on his good side, though, Akhim lightens up significantly, and is more willing to allow for differences.
  His honor demands standing up for those in trouble, regardless of whom they are, so he will step in without much forethought.  He might not be nice to the one he is protecting though, especially if they are a Rabbit.

What are their abilities, hobbies, things they're good at?
Akhim is physically very strong and powerful, and a very good worker.  He's also very good with plants, and a knowledgeable survivalist once he researches the area he'll be in.  He does have a keen interest in how terraforming works, as it could mean a lot to his village.

During his free time, Akhim will often be found playing sports and enjoying outdoors.

Tools of the trade  Akhim tends to keep a large knife on him just in case, and possesses a set of survival gear as well.

Give an example description of your character.
Akhim is 6'2", heavy-set and muscular.  He has light brown eyes, thick grey and white fur, and the Cyantian equivalent to a beard, matching his fur color.  Between thick curved horns is well groomed brown hair.  When he isn't working or playing sports, he often wears a traditional Ram outfit made of the leather of various Northern animals, trimmed with their fur, and also wears a necklace with a scythetail tail tip and gryphon claws on it.

Why is it essential to your character to be here in the Mars Academy?
As terraforming is a primary interest, the Mars Project seemed a very good place to learn how it works.

What are their qualifications?
Akhim has shown great skill with agriculture, high potential for construction, and his great strength and stamina go a long way in his chosen line of work.

What traits do they have that are useful to the future colony?
Excellent physical strength and stamina, an excellent worker, and despite his somewhat close-minded personality, he is highly intelligent.  He is also a competent fighter if need be, his necklace consists of trophies from the few hunts he's been on.

What are their goals in being here?
Akhim hopes to bring back knowledge of terraforming and other construction techniques in order to help his village back home.

What is your characters nature and thoughts on others of his/her species?
Ram - The Ram stand for all that is good in this world, and others ought to emulate them.  Their sense of honor, hard work ethic, endurance, and strength of character are unequalled.

What is his or her view on other species?
Akhim thinks of Rabbit with particularly distaste, something he inherited from his parents and village.  The Ram-Rabbit Wars may be long gone, but they were never forgotten or forgiven.
Wolves and particularly Fox are too reliant on technology.  This weakens them. 
There are some good, honorable Wolf and Mounty though.

Character History and Family
  Akhim is a proud member of the Sharib clan, born of parents in good standing who hold tradition as crucial to right living, and were thus very strict.  Life in Ram territory was difficult, with much labor expected of everyone from a young age.  When spare time was available, Akhim would join other Rams in various sports, so that he was very rarely idle.  As he grew up, Akhim took an interest in farming, and finding ways to improve the land they worked.  Sharib lands have recently shown signs of problems, and they sought out methods of restoring the land.  Akhim's father heard of the Mars Project, and the Academy there, and suggested that perhaps a solution could be found and brought back from there.  Akhim, being the good son, readily agreed.

The villages of the Sharib clan are on the border near Rabbit territory, where it was moved to during the Rabbit-Ram Wars.  Although much time has passed, the bitterness of their loss has not, and thus the basis of Akhim's disgust with any Rabbit.
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