Zaya 01 14b

2 thoughts on “Zaya 01 14b

  1. The coloring of Rill’s eye in the first panel is beautiful!

    Hahaha I love this revelation. “I have spent all my energy and focus to return to you as a worthy hunter.” “Uh that’s nice but we don’t care about that cuz you saved our babies.” XD

    I think this shows the drastic difference between Caiden’s original clan and Koel’s. It seems like Caiden was raised to believe that if he isn’t of use, he will be abandoned. Might also explain Jesk’s behavior when Caiden and he were first introduced.

  2. Duske’s neck looks a bit… wrong in the second panel. Like it’s too slender at the base.
    But otherwise these panels are absolutely stunning.
    I’m also very happy to see updates here again. <3

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