Chapter 14 8

5 thoughts on “Chapter 14 8

  1. Aaaaah, Vas has lots of little siblings now! And, my, he sure sprouted up!

  2. Poor Vas! I thought it was a different leg that had just been dislocated, but I guess the owl griffin was setting a break. Hoping to see him and Taun be reunited in future story. It’d be really neat if Taun met her chick, too, though I can’t imagine him leaving his Shivae family until he’s older given they are the only parents/siblings he knows.

  3. I’m sad we didn’t get to see Vas’ reaction to being reunited with his brother after such a long time, or what he thought when he first met his new family members 🙁

    1. I’m sorry, for some reason I chose to skip that, however, when I do the print version I may have to add some pages to fix that. 😀

      1. Oh wow that would be cool! 🙂 And definitely a good incentive to buy the print version. 😀

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