Chapter 14 10

4 thoughts on “Chapter 14 10

  1. This kind of feels like the end of an era.

  2. And here ends the comic that introduced me to you so long ago. ;_; Luckily you have so many others I can still read.

    1. I started with the original Shivae…when she was still updating it (I think). I fell in love with her stories, and was sad when she went on her extended Hiatus. I do understand why, and I don’t begrudge her the need. But I’ve been waiting since 2008 for the end of this storyline. A bittersweet end to a bittersweet story.

      1. I want the original to continue too, but damnit, I fell in love with Vas (both story and character) a long time ago, when he was just a fluffy chick trying to survive. So bittersweet end indeed.

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