Chapter 13 14

Wow... this is the last page of Chapter 13.  Chapter 14 is the last chapter and it is a short chapter. :(  - Tiff

5 thoughts on “Chapter 13 14

  1. I’m going to miss Vas so much. D: Will Caiden and Koel begin right away after Vas concludes? I’m looking forward to working on Shivae again, even if Vas will not be there. 😉

    1. Most likely it will within a week or two. 😀

      1. Yeay! I’ve missed them. But I know I’ll miss Vas even more. 🙁

  2. Can’t believe after all these year Vas’ story is wrapping up. It’s hard to fathom. Can’t wait to see what happens to Caiden and Koel! It will be a mystery, which is exciting!

  3. I guess it was a dislocation then. Those can hurt even more when re-located, than the original dislocation did. Poor Vas.

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