Chapter 13 07

11 thoughts on “Chapter 13 07

  1. Ah I recognize Flaar there. Not sure if I’m spelling that right. I forget who the other’s name is, but I recognize her, too. For some reason, they look a little smaller than they did in Cler. They caught Taun and now Vas is trapped. I can see three possible outcomes to this.

    1. Dior kills Vas. After all, Dior hates shivae and does not hesitate at the chance at killing one.

    2. Taun convinces Dior to let Vas be set free in exchange for her joining his ranks. She then convinces Vas to leave her behind and return to his family.

    3. Ka did send the starwing shivae after them, so perhaps they will play a role in Vas getting away. But of course, Taun won’t be saved.

    Time will tell. It’ll be interesting to see where this goes.

    1. I assume that between Vas and Cler, Dior has time to get big.

      Also, poor Taun!

      1. Grrr, brain fart there, didn’t mean Dior to get big, but the others to get big like Dior. I shouldn’t post late at night.

        1. Female scythetails actually remain small until 1) In the presence of a mature male and 2) developing eggs.

        2. Oooh, a very interesting new fact. I like! =D

  2. Aaaaah, the suspenders! ;D

  3. Tsk, they hesitated too long, I would’ve gotten into the air at that first “RAWR!!!!” 🙂

  4. -biting nails to find out what happens next!!-

  5. Here’s hoping for an “enemy of my enemy” kind of moment soon. *Edge of seat, biting nails smiley.*

  6. Did I miss a memo, or is Vas no longer updating weekly?

    1. According to her Twitter account, she wasn’t able to finish Vas last week. The next page should be up tomorrow I think.

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