Chapter 13 06

I had it finished, but didn't upload it yesterday, but it's here now and next week's won't be late!  - Tiff

6 thoughts on “Chapter 13 06

  1. Oh noooooo!! :O

    Love the leaf shading on Dior. Heck love the whole third panel! Trees came out gorgeous.

    1. Yeah, I’m getting a good hang on just painting in the background using my awesome Manga Studio brushes over inking them in. I’m feeling more and more like I can handle the ACTUAL Shivae! comic that hasn’t even begun yet!!

  2. I’m guessing this is where Taun is taken and forced to be part of Dior’s harem. Also, I believe that all the females in his harem were Genoworks products like Taun and himself? It would explain why they were so much huger than other scythetails like Dior.

    I wonder if Dior can sense his fellow experiments and that’s how he gathers them to him. Even in Puppet Strings, he used Marion, and she was also a Genoworks product.

    1. Has it been confirmed that they’re Genoworks critters?

      1. I’m not 100% positive, but I think I remember Tiff telling me that they were. I know they were some sort of product, whether it was Genoworks or another, earlier lab.

  3. Well, this was unexpected, and I expect Taun is going to need a bite to the rear proboscis to get her attention on something other than “Winged Scythetail in Headlights”

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