Chapter 12 11

This page, I split in half.  I'm going to do this on occasion when I can do it in a half to build up my buffer.  As of right now, this and the next update will give me almost a month!  I just have to remember to maintain it, so occasionally, there are split pages.  - Tiff

4 thoughts on “Chapter 12 11

  1. Not quite: For a mate, who is still the important one, (at least for sapients). Children, OTOTH….

  2. I have to ask, with these creatures being as sapient as they are, are all of them still instinctually driven with the need to find a mate and have children? Or is it just something they learn from those around them? Like not all humans (me, for example) have any desire to become a parent, but we still learn it is a norm that’s expected of us.

    1. By nature, that is their overall goal. Find a mate, have chicks. I haven’t shown it yet, but they depend on their children when they get old or are injured.

      1. I know this is way late, but that isn’t entirely true. Look at the Great Mother Softwing.

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