Chapter 11 09

6 thoughts on “Chapter 11 09

  1. Somehow, I get the feeling this is going to end only one of two ways.

    1)They see the elders (one way or another).

  2. Man, when Ka asked who speaks for all, she wasn’t kidding! “No one else may speak grr!”

    1. Heh, that thought did cross my mind too.

      And in any case, isn’t Vas like half-grown now? A juvenile instead of a chick? Or is it just “you’re a chick until you’re an adult”.

      1. I think it’s just Ka being her normal rude self haha. Similar to people, referring to a teenager as a ‘boy’ instead of a ‘man.’ Not necessarily incorrect, but kinda insulting nonetheless.

        1. Oops sorry about that! So hard to tell with comics with animal characters, sometimes. 🙂

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