Chapter 11 07

8 thoughts on “Chapter 11 07

  1. Tsk tsk. Rude!

  2. I can sympathize, Ka, my boss/dad sometimes answers questions the same way, by giving an answer to a tangential question not asked 😛

    But I’m not rude about it 😉

    1. I think Taun was less answering the question and more just following the good manners when meeting someone new – introducing themselves. The dark things, I think, are more worried that she’s a whip sent to spy on behalf of the big meanie (can’t remember name), but they could at least respond courteously. Way to show you aren’t an agent of the big meanie, mister(?) little meanie. 😛

  3. I’m not sure Taun knows what he is.

    1. Taun’s a she. She had egg(s) and one of them survives in the shivae family.

      1. …or she will have eggs, I can’t remember which series goes first in the timeline.

        1. Vas comes first. Chronilogically the comics go: Vas, Cler, then Caiden and Koel

  4. Taun— poor Taun– she can’t explain that she she’s a hybrid(WhipXBigWing) can she.. I mean unless she is some kind new speices or something, this going to be trouble.

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