Chapter 11 06

7 thoughts on “Chapter 11 06

  1. Hee hee! Vertical panels! Love it!

  2. And just like that, Vas is OUT!

    I was wondering if we were missing something in the last page. Now I see that what I saw was actually part of this one. Interesting.

  3. Vas reminds me of my brothers’ cats – whenever they get the chance to go out on the lawn, they also rub themselves on it, and roll over and squirm and stuff. Now I can’t help but see Vas a bit cat-like. XD

  4. Also, just realized – the last update and this go side-by-side, don’t they? I can see Taun’s wingtip from last page on the left side of this one.

    1. Yes, Tiff often splices the pages to make more updates.

  5. Saturday night! Saturday night! *sets up camping equipment and starts a fire to roast smores*

    1. Sorry! Update isn’t ready, but will be up by noon!

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