Chapter 11 02

5 thoughts on “Chapter 11 02

  1. Sanctuary or not, I consider a mile-wide fire to be a serious threat.

  2. Fire! Fire BAD! *wobble* XD

  3. They’re so small though, I think they may be campfires or beacons.

    And I smell some cameos coming! 😀

  4. I sat up all night re-reading all the Shivae stories, when I realized that Vas had started to update again! Last time I was around the site, there was that filler pic of of the two fluffy grifflings (I think that’s what we readers dubbed them as :P) as the newest update.

    I’m so very happy that the story has continued, it’s always been one of my favourites!

  5. Hi Hanna! *waves* Nice to find another old time fan wandering back, your story is exactly like mine! lol. I’m so glad the story is continuing again!

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