Chapter 11 01

I had to put stripes on four pages of comics, but it's done now and replaced. :D  Still practicing with some new brushes and just how I want to color the comics. I can't take credit for the lovely sky background.  It came with Manga Studio EX 5 and it's VERY versatile.  I'm creating more backgrounds and brushes to use as I go along. - Tiff

3 thoughts on “Chapter 11 01

  1. Yay, stripes! 😉

    And OMG I just got MS EX5 for my birthday! Sooooo shiny! I’m still just muddling around with what it can do. I think there are going to be many tutorial videos in my immediate future…

  2. Yeah, I watched a LOT of tutorial videos, invested in a couple of brush sets and I’m so much happier with it than photoshop.

  3. Not sure who is replying to Vas in the second panel, Tan or Lien? Maybe do a little doodle of the character inside the word balloon, like other comics do sometimes? Or a color-code, use yellow in the outline of the word balloon for Taun, or blue for Lien? …meh, both of those ideas are kinda silly, but I can’t think of another way to indicate someone off-screen as being the one talking. ^_^;

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