CaidenKoel Chapter 04 03

5 thoughts on “CaidenKoel Chapter 04 03

  1. LOL! Wow, Caiden’s personality has sure improved! Nice to see him feeling confident again.

    Smaller panels are kinda hard to get used to. This one isn’t so bad, but the previous ones I had to squint to read.

    1. The size of the comic itself is the same size. 0.o I just cropped it into segments.

      1. If you compare these last three pages to the pages from last chapter, previous chapter’s word bubbles and font size are much bigger than these. Example:
        They are on my screen, anyway.

        1. LAST chapter, ok. Since this was several updates into the new chapter I had forgotten that I did make the font size smaller and the resolution a little smaller, but I’ll go ahead and make the future ones the exact same size as the prior ones, since I didn’t get any complaints about their size (but always worried about it). Not being able to read it is an entirely different matter. I can read it fine on my monitors, ranging from my phone to 10″ to 24″, but that’s probably just me. 😀

        2. Oh wow, cool, thanks! 😀

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