CaidenKoel Chapter 03

4 thoughts on “CaidenKoel Chapter 03

  1. Aww, happy shivae! Caiden looks recovered from his injuries here!

  2. Aha, the scratches on his face don’t leave scars. That’s good to know for future pages once some time has passed. Drawing in scars can get tricky because I always have to sit there staring for a while to make sure I put them on the correct side of his face. XD

  3. Yeah, the ones on his head will be covered just enough to hide them, but the stump will always be a bit fleshy on the underside. 😉 up close, I believe only the one on the right side of his face should show through, above his eye and even that one wouldn’t be prominent.

    1. I have a three-legged cat who lost her leg to an injury and the stump is fur covered now. I’d think that since Caiden had a Digger surgeon/veterinarian clean and suture his wounds that he’d heal up fine like my cat. Sure if he’d had to recover naturally from having a limb chewed off it would be raw like that but a skilled surgeon would make sure that skin with fur/feathers would seal up over the scars I would think.

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