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Updates!  I meant to put a note up here, but forgot.  I'm trying to get into A-kon's Artist Alley this year. :D I am currently working on the Shivae! books. Chances are, they will come out as just under 100 pages each and I'm going to keep to that for upcoming books as well - except the first part.  I'm likely going to make one BIG volume, because it's been asked for and do the 100 page ones with it to make it easier to collect them. Color printing is expensive, however, for a 96 or so page book, $15-$16 is a good price point.  Amazon will force me to list it for $20.  However, you're only a short step away from free shipping at that point. The 200 page volume will be around $30. I am writing an extra segment for Vash, because it was asked for.  Readers wanted to see Vas and Riva reuniting, and I'm trying to write up the proper scene for that. :D Is there any information you would like in the books that can be added as extras?
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4 thoughts on “CaidenKoel Chapter 03 12

  1. Omgomgomg a new Shivae page! It’s here it’s here! Welcome to 2017, darling little Bambi-esque comic that has been going on in some form or another for most of my adult life. ^_^

    I like Caiden and Koel’s expressions in the last panel. So rare for them to get such a genuinely happy moment! Stay strong, Caiden!

  2. I think it would be nice to have a short scene of Vas’ family before the mother and siblings were killed. Just to give us a better look at what they were like. 🙂 Or what Noel did when Taun never came home.

  3. (Pfft. Accidentally posted this in some other forum somehow… Let’s try this again.)

    Eeee, Shivae books!! -claps- Other than seeing Vas reunite with his brother, there’s not much else I could think of for book extras… Some graphic novel artists do character design sheets, which is kinda cool.

    Maybe a text-only species glossary? Vas met sooo many different species in his journey! I still love the unicorn-and-horse-herd in the very beginning of the comic. <3 And those little pests that chased Vas into Kota were cute lol.

    There could also be an epilogue of different one-panel views of all the different major characters, like Noel and Taun and Meama. Kinda like a 'where are they now' glimpse of each so we could see what will happen to them, like Flowerlark said.

    1. Just an FYI if you’re curious about the cyantian wildlife, the Shivae wiki is pretty extensive and covers a lot of extra info on all of Tiff’s comics that don’t always make it into the comics, or are only mentioned as passing references.

      Here’s a link to the cyantian wildlife hubpage:

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