CaidenKoel Chapter 03 09

7 thoughts on “CaidenKoel Chapter 03 09

  1. And they it’s females that are stubborn. Looks like Caiden needs another smack.

    1. All he’s saying is that he wants to get used to his missing arm and prove that he can hunt and such BEFORE joining Koel. 😀

      1. He could do that with the group, possibly get them to help him figure it out. One has to learn to hunt well. He may just need to learn again to retune his skills to his new condition. Either way, doing so alone does not seem wise. Better to join a larger group.

        … Okay, I’m gonna stop now before my writer mind tries to take over. lol.

  2. Oh my! Who’s eggs are those… I know unfertilized eggs are the norm for many animals, but it is still kind of odd to think about if they came from one of the characters. 🙂

    1. I seriously doubt they are shivae or gryphon eggs. Even if they were unfertilised, it would bring up too many ethical issues of pseudo-cannibalism.

      And even though gryphons and shivae are sentient, there might be a possibility that, like chickens, once they eat their own eggs they might develope a taste for it and cannibalise their young ever after.

      I don’t actually know about any of that, but I really can’t see Tiff having her characters casually eating eggs of their own kind.

      1. While there are Cyantians who eat Avistarian eggs, Shivae and gryphons would not eat their own eggs or each others. These came from one of the big bird species that are often preyed on.

  3. I always scroll through the page once and then go back to the top to actually read the text, so at first glance my brain went “OMG MURA HAS EGGS AHHH SHE’S GOING TO BE A MOM!” XD And then I read that they were breakfast hahaha.

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