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I got distracted, because I was sucked into a hole for about five or six hours trying to locate two comic pages from 2008 which were on dvds that were not wanting to be read. :D  I got them. I have spent the last week prepping comics for Shivae! full color volumes at around 100 pages each.  I am probably going to call the first volume: Shivae! and it will contain all of Shivae! Cler, which is 57 pages of content.  It was a pain to get some of those old original files into the new templates and I finally decided to do them in mostly their original orientation. Shivae! Vas is 226 pages of content!!  The first volume will be Cler, then lead into Vas with notes about when they take place, because while Cler was done first, Vas OCCURS first.  I could have swapped them, but then it kind of destroys the progression of artwork style and looks messier. Shivae! Volumes 1 and 2 will be done via Kickstarter at the same time.  They will be full color, around 100 pages, 7 x 10 perfect bound graphic novels.  They will be $15 each, which INCLUDES shipping in the US.  The graphic novels around my house are a little more than that and contain a ton of ads. :/  There are ZERO ads in my books.  Comics, art, and a little commentary is all that's in them. I am also plotting a few new prints (along with some reproductions from the books I'm printing), bookmarks, charms (Lee has already created a double sided Vas/Riva charm design!) :D Right now, the plan is to use Createspace, however, I will make room for plans to use Printninja, if the Kickstarter is super (and I mean SUPER) successful.  There's a point where it costs the same amount to make a 200 page volume as a 100 page volume, however, I have to purchase 1,000 books at that point. :D  It's like, $7,000 including shipping.  Shipping is $1,100 all by itself!  Then I'd have to set aside money for shipping to everyone, shipping supplies (more than I intially budget for) taxes, because I'm terrified of making a large profit and this would be new territory. I will have a budget b set up in such a case.  I doubt it will happen, but if it does, I better be prepared.   - Tiff   PS  Those numbers don't include the second Cler story that leads into Caiden and Koel.

4 thoughts on “CaidenKoel Chapter 03 02

  1. I have a feeling that (with some nagging) Caiden will be discovering he can do a lot more than he thinks he can.

  2. I imagine Jesk was standing right off to the side in panel 2, yawning to show how unimpressed he was with his brother’s heroic efforts. XD

  3. I’ve the feeling Caiden’s family clan put a great deal of emphasis on physical strength and the importance of being completely self-sufficient. We saw how Jesk wanted only a winged mate, perhaps because they are seen as better hunters.

    Whereas we’ve seen the Anu clan always working together to solve problems, and having no trouble also working with and helping those of other spieces. They trade freely with gryphons and Duske adopted Zaya – an enemy scythetail – without blinking an eye.

    Now we just need to see uf Koel can convince Caiden that there are all different kinds of strength.

  4. Poor fellow doesn’t realize, he’s only missing one arm. Hunting won’t be as easy, but that hardly makes it impossible. That and as Koel said, he doesn’t have to do it alone either.

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