CaidenKoel Chapter 02 09

6 thoughts on “CaidenKoel Chapter 02 09

  1. Oooh daaang… And here I was hoping he’d see she has a beau and would back off. Careful Peacock-boy, he’s still got one more limb than you and wings strong enough to loft a full-grown Shivae into the air are going to do same damage if he smacks you with them.

    1. Nope, just sees him as a cripple he could take out with some planning.

    2. He’s very proud of himself, for being strong enough to take on a “cripple”.
      He also doesn’t realize that Caiden got his wounds from fighting for his life, and surviving. There’s a lot of lessons learned there, including that crippling blows both need to be avoided, and can be dealt quickly.


    Well… I have a feeling Peacock Boy will soon joined the ranks of “crippled” shivae or simply cease to exist—at least I hope so (goes to get popcorn).

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